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2012 Anime Summary

I don't really need to put a description, do I? Eh, here's one anyway.

Summary Blogs

1. Spring '12 Impressions (so far): Zombies, Jazz, Girls That Turn Into Guns, Fate/Zero, and Boobs

1. Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine

Currently watching (4/13) - Stylish, enjoying it so far.

2. Fate/Zero

Currently watching (4/12) - Needs no description.

3. Tsuritama

Currently watching (3/12) - Not quite what I expected, 'twas good.

4. Is this a Zombie? of the Dead

Currently watching (4/10) - More of the same? No problem!

5. Kids on the Slope

Currently watching (3/11) - Warming up to it. :)

6. Sankarea

Currently watching (4/-) - Eh, what the hell. I'll stick around and see how it goes.

7. Dusk Maiden of Amnesia

Currently watching (3/12)

8. Jormungand

Currently watching (3/12) - It's okay so far. Will stick around.

9. Nyarko-san: Another Crawling Chaos

Currently watching (3/12)

10. Upotte!!

Currently watching (3/-) - WTF WHY AM I WATCHING THIS

11. Another

Completed - Surprisingly good, intense last episodes. 9/10

12. Nisemonogatari

Completed - Toothbrush. 8/10

13. Thermae Romae

Completed - Weird yet enjoyable. 8/10

14. Listen to Me, Girls, I'm Your Father!

Completed - Decent enough, but it's no Bunny Drop =P. 7/10

15. Waiting in the Summer

Completed - Eh, didn't much care for it, but that last episode was fun. 6/10

16. High School DxD

Completed - Unless Upotte!! can top it, this is currently the worst shit I've seen so far this year. 3/10

17. Recorder and Randsell
18. Blackā˜…Rock Shooter

Dropped (5/8). Eh, worse than the OVA. And the OVA wasn't very good in the first place. 4/10

19. Daily Lives of High School Boys

Dropped (1/12)

20. Rinne no Lagrange

Dropped (2/12)

21. Amagami SS+

Dropped (8/13) - Crap. 4/10

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