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Anime I Loved as a Kid

Being half Japanese, I was exposed to the world of Anime early on. These are some of the series I remember watching with glee.

1. Doraemon

Doraemon was it man. As a kid, I was obsessed with the time-traveling blue robot and his pocket full of magical gadgets. I would get my aunt in Japan to record episodes onto vhs tapes and send them to me, or else I would go hunting for the movies in Japantown whenever we drove down to San Francisco. I remember watching the vhs tapes over and over, complete with the zany Japanese commercials, and getting enraptured in this world where the ordinary so easily slid into the fantastical. I also had a huge collection of Doraemon manga, from the numbered books to the double-voume adventure specials. Funny, I also remember getting a postcard from Doraemon one time, written in basic Japanese so I could understand, telling me he was flattered that I was such a fan and that I should visit him in Japan. My aunt did good with that one.

2. Medabots

This was a little later, after the Doraemon craze had faded down. Watched this dubbed on FOX, Saturday mornings. I remember getting really into the robots and buying a bunch of the toy figurines. And roleplaying medabot battles with my friends on the playground. haha.

3. Shaman King

I remember watching the English dub of this on Saturday mornings while my parents were out at the local Farmer's Market. I had a bowl of cereal, the tv, and the warm morning rays of sunlight all to myself. That was nice.

4. Digimon Frontier

I watched this in both Japanese and English at different points. I remember being really drawn to the fantasy world where kids transformed into badass fighting monsters. Yeah, this was my first and last digimon experience, never saw any of the others.

5. Pokémon

Of course. I watched a ton of this in both English and Japanese, and got really into the card game as well. I could never play the video games because my parents disapproved of gameboys, so I would always watch with intense interest and jealousy when a friend would come over with one.

6. Yu-Gi-Oh!

Yep. I totally watched this and played the card game for a while, though not as fervently as with Pokemon. You see those HYPER DRAMATIC card battles they have in the show? It's quite laughably silly to me now.


I got really into this Saturday morning cartoon for a while. I remember being quite delighted by some of the really low-brow, slapstick-y humor and the equally sophisticated jokes involving farting, of which there were quite a few.

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