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Battles » Goku vs Sailor Moon discussion

@DBZ_universe said:

@ArtsyGal: You just answered the question.... Goku is not designed for speed like SM but SM is not designed for h2h.... in speed she stomps but in h2h Goku stomps. Also Goku at end of Z is Galaxy Buster+ (if you include Kid Buu destroying Galaxies in seconds and due to that fact that Goku is stronger than Kid Buu than that puts Goku in that category but that feat of Kid buu was anime only but then again Akira also said that Anime is counted Canon)

Also Goku can breath in space... is a Saiyan special ability.. Bradock did it, Vegeta did it, Nappa as well, and Broly when he was destroying the South Galaxy... the only reason Goku does not know that is because he wasn't raised the Saiyan way.

It says he's a massive planet buster. I trust that site since they provide proof and accurate information. I can also take the people seriously, unlike most users of the internet nowadays.

Oh, sorry. I don't know much about DBZ, so yeah. That's just what the above source said.

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Battles » Goku vs Sailor Moon discussion

@Greysmokeman said:

no sailorsoldiers are not faster than light,they just use magic..they never showed that speed in combat.........end dbz fighters are millions times faster....furthermore Buu destroyed Galaxies according to the they sure can handle sailormoon (the only galaxy baster of the group)....hhahahahhahah vegeto defeated buuhan=UNIVERSAL sure that serena cant even handle end dbz=gtPiccolo=fat buu not even talking abouT GT Goku,Vegeta,Majuub or Gohan........the girls are toast(more like burn toast)....kirisute gomen....A cross in the tombstone....

They are, lol.

Go on and see how powerful Usagi is.

Oh my God, I can't take you seriously anymore. And I don't care if they never showed that speed in combat, they can just fly away and blast attacks at them.

And no, Goku is only massively hypersonic, while Usagi is billions of times the speed of light. She can also manipulate space and time, destroy 3.7 million solar masses, etc.

I actually looked up Goku. He is massively hypersonic and a planet buster. He can also teleport, but he must recognize/be linked to his destination to do so, making it useless against someone as fast as Usagi. Oh, and Usagi has an extreme advantage here. She can breathe in space, while Goku can't.

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Battles » Goku vs Sailor Moon discussion

@DBZ_universe said:

@ArtsyGal: It does matter... in a h2h combat is different than traveling... also another example to this is Superman vs Doomsday... Kal-EL is FTL yet DD killed him even tho Supes was faster... so yes it matters. so I'll ask again can she fight h2h in the same speed as Goku with out using time freeze as you say... also if she sends him to another dimension, then Goku will have to rip a hole like Gotenks and Buu did in ROSAT... if Gotenks and Buu were able to do such thing than it's possible for Goku doing the same due to the fact that he close to the same power levels as them..

Also I am aware that movies and GT are non-canon but anime is (Akira Toriyama said even Anime is count as canon)

but Ill accept the fact that Goku isn't faster than them physically.

Sailor Moon was never designed for h2h combat. Putting her in a situation like that is like putting Batman in a super strength lifting competition. They don't have those abilities.@chrono122 said:

@ArtsyGal: what is sailor moon best feat destroying a planet? Isnt goku durable enough to withstand a planet busting attack

She was powerful enough to destroy Sagittarius A, which is 3.7 million solar masses. And she is, too.

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Battles » Goku vs Sailor Moon discussion

@DBZ_universe said:

@Sonata: IT is not teleportation... It is shown how Goku is going FTL in movie 8, and how he is fighting against Meta Cooler using IT... but that's movie.. but it should still count.

No, movies never count. GT isn't canon either.

Plus, even if he is FTL (which he's not. He's only massively hypersonic), Usagi is probably faster. She's billions of times the speed of light.

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Battles » Goku vs Sailor Moon discussion

@chrono122 said:

Isnt it sailor moon only FTL at traveling speed? So in combat how would that help?

Because she could get away from his range and fire her attacks at him. @DBZ_universe said:

@ArtsyGal: I get you!! but is she superior in fighting speed like Goku??

Does it matter? She's a long ranged character, so she would use her superior speed to get out of the area and then attack. But if you're talking about Sailor Cosmos, then all she has to do is freeze time and kill him, or send him to the time of the Big Bang. Hell, she could send him to the Fourth Dimension, which is an area outside time and space that you can't escape without a Key of Time-Space.

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Battles » Goku vs Sailor Moon discussion

@taichokage said:

But Goku travels to other Solar systems in moments with IT. It's true that his physical movement isn't that fast but he can traverse great distances faster than Sailor Moon. And in fighting speed he is superior as well.

She traveled to the center of the galaxy in a matter of seconds. And please, read my first response. I posted information about Sailor Moon and her in comparison to Goku (I researched him because of my lack of knowledge of the series).

@DBZ_universe said:

@taichokage said:

But Goku travels to other Solar systems in moments with IT. It's true that his physical movement isn't that fast but he can traverse great distances faster than Sailor Moon. And in fighting speed he is superior as well.


Same goes for you.

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Battles » Goku vs Sailor Moon discussion

@Greysmokeman said:

im sure for one thing ONLY ...DBZ end characters are way faster (and can fly).......Kirisute Gomen



All of the Sailor Soldiers are all massively FTL, and they can fly as well. They can also breathe in space and easily survive in the area.

So apparently, you're sure about nothing.

You obviously haven't read my response to this thread.

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Battles » Goku vs Sailor Moon discussion

@axavierhansz said:

sorry to revive this but it seems so interesting that i just had to jump in

overall superior speed: goku has a technique called instant transmission, which he has demonstrated to be usable in the heat of battle (majin buu saga, when majin buu uses gotenk's ghost attack, vegito dodges using instant transmission. note however, that vegtio inherited this technique entirely from goku, since vegeta does not know it at all). this technique instantly moves goku to ANYWHERE IN THE UNIVERSE in infintesimal time. In other words, goku's maximum combat speed is infinite. having established this, there is no need to examine sailor moon's speed.

overall energy projection: not sure what you mean

overall superior fighting skill: on the magical side, sailor moon is infinitely superior because goku doesn't know magic. on the physical side, well, anyone who's watched both anime knows who wins. in terms of tactics and strategy, goku is far superior simply because he doesn't really have a life. his wife has complained numerous times that goku trains too much. in fact, even death did not stop goku from training! this means that goku is much more proficient at combat than sailor moon simply because he practices many times longer than sailor moon. while sailor moon may have magical abilities that help her fighting skills, this is balanced out by the fact that saiyans are naturally bred for combat.

better/larger arsenal of attacks: sailor moon has numerous attacks. however, only her most powerful attacks are capable of destroying a planet, so raw power is out of the question. i've heard that eternal sailor moon can stop time, but i always thought it was actually sailor pluto. for argument's sake, let's assume that eternal sailor moon can stop time. this SHOULD be the end of discussion, but dragon ball z is so screwed up that even time stopping would not necessarily stop goku. it is a known fact that super-buu and ssj3 gotenks are capable of ripping apart the space-time continuum, and that he does not even use some super awesome attack to do this: he yells. since goku super saiyan 3 is definitely superior to super buu, this suggests that goku is capable of tearing holes in space-time itself. goku's arsenal of attacks is fairly limited, but are supremely powerful.

end verdict

it is mentioned that if unstopped, kid buu can destroy the entire universe ( ssj3 goku is on par with kid buu, so it's reasonable to say that he can destroy at least almost the entire universe, if not the entire universe. goku's son, when fused with vegeta's son, has demonstrated the power to punch through dimensions of both space and time (hyperbolic time chamber was not only isolated in space, but also in time from the normal universe), and it is widely accepted that ssj3 goku is stronger than ssj3 gotenks. this means that goku should even be able to find a way around the time stopping abilities of eternal sailor moon (if they exist at all). goku's years of combat experience, incessant training, and instruction from Kai's (considered Gods of dbz) give him a definite advantage in skill over sailor moon. there is no debate. there is no contest. goku must win

it doesnt mean i'm hating on sailor moon. it's just that there's no logical way for sailor moon to compete with goku. practically the only element of dragon ball z is power levels. z fighters meet strong villain, train to defeat strong villain, meet stronger villain, train to defeat stronger villain, so on and so forth. the entire story is focused on how many planets they can blast. sailor moon, by comparison, has a much more developped storyline. this ultimately means, however, that the central theme will not be power, but something else. one story is written for the express purpose of showing off incredible strength, the other story is actually a story. are we really going to do a versus battle between them?

Speed: Sailor Moon is billions of times FTL, while Goku is only hypersonic. Although I don't know much about DBZ, I did my research. Instant Transmission requires not only concentration, but the user must also be able to detect the destination/lock onto its ki signature. Because of this, I don't think it will be very effective.

Energy Projection: Sailor Moon is a solar system buster while Goku is a planet buster.

Fighting Skill: Physical wise, Usagi's strength is only that of a human, while Goku is obviously a superhuman (according to my sources, his strength is 100+ tons).

Better/Larger Arsenal of Attacks: You are incorrect. Her strongest attack was able to defeat Chaos, a being that was as large as the center of the galaxy and much more durable than Sagittarius A (3.7 million solar masses; she was strong enough to destroy it). Sailor Cosmos, Usagi's ultimate form, can control time due to her control over Sailor Pluto's Sailor Crystal. Sailor Cosmos wields the Cosmos Crystal, which is her soul/Sailor Crystal, a Sailor Crystal which holds the powers of all of the Sailor Crystals in the galaxy. She was capable of traveling through time, sending other people through time, etc.

Usagi is obviously superior to Goku. She even was proven superior to him, as was Sailor Galaxia. @Orbitz89 said:

I don't remember anything from Sailor Moon, but Goku could snap her in half like a pencil. If the dude can punch through planets, he should have no trouble breaking a high school girl in half. I can't remember if SM is in High School ( or if Goku actually punched through a planet ) but my point stands.

By feats, my sources say that he was only able to punch through islands and mountains. Sailor Moon can easily tank attacks like that, since her durability is planetary. @SilverGalford said:

kid buu can destroy the universe , planet by planet . saiyans resistance to magic is not good.

the problem is how fast is sailor moon when she performs her abilities?. she can travel at FTL , but can she fight at FTL? , can she cast her abilities at FTL ? . without plots and her friends , can Sailor Moon be able to do those awesome things that she did in the manga?

Goku seems to have one problem , the magic thing ,but those questions about Sailor Moon really got me thinking.

They're instant. The anime showed the Sailor Soldiers dancing around for viewer entertainment only. The times when their attacks were interrupted are just PIS (plot induced stupidity).

I'm pretty sure that she can react at FTL speeds, since she must have been able to maneuver around during flight and such. And yes, probably. The Silver Moon Crystal, her power source, isn't powered by her friends. Even when her friends died in the manga, she still showed extremely impressive feats. @TheRedRose said:

I don't really know that much about Sailor Moon however DBZ seems more superior in hand-to-hand combat, physical strength, and just prowess. And from what I heard SM characters can destroy planets with their index fingers well, DBZ characters can do the same thing, take frieza for example... Guy destroys planets with just a finger and as well took a planet busting attack himself.

That's only Sailor Galaxia. Sailor Moon/Cosmos, however, can destroy solar systems. She was shown to be capable enough to destroy 3.7 million solar masses. @justanormalguy said:

Instead of just a straight debate battle, I wanted to see if we could have this as a discussion, because I want to try and analyze each point individually.

Who has the overall superior speed? (battle, flight, etc.)

Who has the overall better energy projection?

Who has the overall superior fighting skill?

Who has the overall better and larger arsenal of attacks to work with?

Is Sailor Moon's ability to stop time dependent on her transformation forms? / Can she cast it instantly, or like a Spirit Bomb you need to gather energy to use it?

Speed: Sailor Moon (

Energy Projection: Sailor Moon. She was shown to be capable enough to destroy Sagittarius A, which is 3.7 million solar masses.

Fighting Skill: Goku. If you put these two in a boxing match, Usagi will get crushed. Even if Goku didn't have super strength, he would still win, since he would still probably be at peak human strength, while Usagi has the strength of a normal human. However, in an actual match, Usagi is very prominent in battle. She can create powerful shields to block attacks, create decent distance with her massively FTL flight speed, use her space breathing abilities to her advantage (Goku can't breathe in space), and blast him with her superior firepower.

Arsenal of Attacks: Sailor Moon. With time and space control, immense firepower, strong shields, massively FTL speed, space breathing abilities, high durability, and energy regeneration, Sailor Moon is a character not to be messed with.

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