arrussel (Level 11)

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Last Chapter:

 Aoi showed up and saved Oga’s ass because the women only squad have discovered Oga has a soft spot for pretty girls. The fighting ensues and Aoi shows off a flash step like black tech before getting stopped in her tracks by a Pillar Head. But Agiel switches sides in the nick of time and saves her. 

For Super Real! <3 
For Super Real! <3 


The Good:

  Agiel and Aoi are buddies now I was originally going to compare this relationship with Oga and Toujou’s, but it almost seems like Agiel has a crush on Aoi maybe that’s just my sick mind. In true Beelzebub fashion right after a heartwarming moment like “For ‘Super’ Real <3” we see Oga kicking ass until he runs into a Quetzalcoatl a Pillar Head.

  Oga does what he does best during introduction he soon learns that beating up the Pillar Head and his gangster Pillars won’t work in this room. The Pillar Head tells him he has to play a game to get past a door if wants to save Hilda. The game happens to be Sudoku which is the worst game for Oga him being bad with numbers and all. When all seems lost help arrives, but Toujou reveals he sucks at Sudoku so they are doomed. But Himekawa gets patched through and easily solves the puzzle. It is revealed that there are three more puzzles, but Himekawa brought back up and they have already found the other puzzles. Yay! 

The Bad:

This chapter was really slow compared to the last couple it felt out of place, I mean that they should have waited a few weeks before they released this chapter. Yes it was funny, but I would have loved to see Toujou actually beat those guys just to see how much progress he has made since last time we saw him. They could have showed Aoi and Agiel working together while fighting the female squad or even showing Himekawa and company fighting some demons. If this chapter foreshadows Oga's luck I bet something will happen to stop Oga from saving Hilda, but it'll start raining and the fire will be put out or something. 
The Gangs all here 
The Gangs all here 

The Verdict: 3/5 

Furiuchi did a great job getting everyone there and did anyone else notice that Oga is completely blowing off most fights he barely stops running I am surprised he isn't looking for Jabberwock I am so pleased with his character growth. Its funny I was just hoping for a slower chapter and when I got it I was like "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" I geuss thems the breaks. So if you liked, disliked or don't care comment!
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