arrussel (Level 11)

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Hello and Welcome to my review sorry about the short reviews, but there really hasn't been much to talk about these chapters are moving so fast not much dialogue just nice pictures less hope it slows down soon. If you like, dislike, or don't care about what my review just comment on what I can change I love this series and really love reviewing, but I would love some input if anyone is reading it. Now without further ado.. 

Last Chapter: 

Oga runs into Toujou after some confusion Toujou helps Oga and then Toujou shows us why he is badass. We also get some character growth from Oga he actually feels bad for destroying large parts of the school after he learns that Toujou worked so hard biulding it.
Whose Shadow is That!? 
Whose Shadow is That!? 

The Good:

Behemeth winked at Yurichi either he is taunting him or Alaindeon has some competition let's hope its the former and not the latter. Oga runs into a squad of female Pillars (one of which is a little girl) Oga being Oga yells at her and scares her good thing she brought backup. The backup don't really seem that strong, but they are girls and they can do the don't hit me face just long enough for Oga to drop his guard. 
Oga's Kryptonite.
Oga's Kryptonite.
It's good to know the Oga won't attack a defenseless woman.  Oga drops his guard again (so much for a more intelligent Oga) and almost dies because of it. Fortunately Aoi is back and ready to kick ass. She saves his ass with what looks like a metal sword Yay! So much for Oga doing it alone eh.  
Agiel is back and she looks  a little crazier than last time not that its a bad thing. She tells everyone to stay back because she will fight her alone. We get to see Aoi's Black Tech and its a flashstep which makes sense sense she's a samurai. She attacks all of the Pillars and Agiel is highly amused. But two Pillar Heads arrive to and stop Aoi in her tracks. Right before Aoi is executed she is saved by Agiel who abruptly switches sides. 

The Bad:

 Not much bad about this one other than the character shift of Oga he was willing to fight Hilda and Aoi but not these girls maybe it was the faces they were making.  

Verdict: 4/5

It feels like they rushed Aoi back into the story. I would have loved this chapter to be about Toujou's fight. Or even Furichi rallying the troops to help Oga, but it seems like the writer is really trying to hammer the point home that when Hilda isn't around Oga automatically hovers around Aoi or vice-versa.
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