arrussel (Level 11)

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Last Chapter: Oga took out a lot of guys I lost count sorry. Revealed that he wasn’t alone as he and Beel kicked ass. And finally accidently met up with Toujou.




 The Good: To quote the manga, Toujou enters the fray! Behemoth is worried that Oga will actually save Hilda, it seems like he acknowledges Oga’s ability and I love it when the villain knows the hero is strong.  Behemoth checks on Hilda’s condition I am wondering why they want Hilda so much when they had the other three why is she special. We cut back to Oga and Toujou who are surpised to see each other the first thing Toujou wants to to do is fight. Oga has to convince Toujou saving Hilda is more important than fighting so Toujou decides to help. Toujou easily takes out two pillars and sets his eyes on the Heads.

The Bad: I don’t know what to say this chapter wasn’t perfect, but it was pretty close. My only gripe was how the hell did those two Pillars get past him they didn’t show anything did they teleport? Or just sneak one minute they were in front of him the next they weren’t.

Verdict: 4/5 Overall this was an amazing chapter, but the few continuity issues brought it the rating down.

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