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Last time : Oga beat 75 guys including a Pillar and proclaimed that he doesn’t care about their number or name he will not remember any of them. Oga and Hilda argued while he was rescuing her parodying Bleach in the process.  
The Good: Oga seems to be more intelligent now he actually plans things out now for example he tricks a pillar into thinking he’s dropped his guard and as soon as the pillar tries to stab him Oga stops the blade with his teeth and lands a powerful uppercut. Oga then uses Super milk Time 30 cc to take out 6 pillars and eight random grunts who trying to escape he impales all of their heads into walls and all Oga has from the encounter is a scratch.

 After Oga wrongly adds up the number of guys he took out he is approached by a Pillar Head named Basilisk who paralyzes Oga then tries to attack with his Man Cleaver. The Man Clever is stopped to Basilisk’s surprise its Beel who stops the blade then Oga insults everyone for thinking that he came alone and tells everyone that his back up is their future king Beelzebub. He proceeds to use Super Milk Time 80 cc then Oga/Beel finally use a Black Tech called Zebul Emblem to easily beat Basilisk.  Oga goes up the tower and he runs into a group of 11 including three Pillar Heads and eight Pillars looks like Oga may need help with this one but don’t worry Tojo’s back.  


 The Bad: Not much bad except for the fact that it took so long to reveal why how much milk Oga drank was important. Not a whole lot of comedy in this one either but any chapter without an Alaindeon gay joke is a good one.

The Verdict: 4/5 This chapter is stronger than last week’s, but I think it’s a little too much foreshadowing that Oga is going to drink to much milk and something bad will happen because he is bad at math. Toujou is back I can't wait to see how strong he is now!

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