arrussel (Level 11)

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Last chapter 

  Oga and Aoi finished training then Oga decided to attack the school alone.

The Good

                We finally get to see Oga kick ass. Him and Beel plan on beating all 394 of them. As we get further into the chapter we say that he made a nice dent in their numbers by easily taking out 75 guys including a Pillar. What makes this chapter especially great is that we get to see Beel use his powers on his enemies which is awesome. Crowning moment of Funny is when Oga asks how many guys are in this group and they tell him 24 and he takes them out with one attack while thanking them. I love how they spun the damsel in distress trope and making Hilda start an argument with Oga in the middle of the rescue.

The Bad

                Almost no exposition in this chapter other than the mini-flashback of Yolda and Hilda arguing with Oga. All of the squad members seem really weak Oga takes them out easily he isn’t even out of breath after taking out 74 low rank soldiers and a Pillar it makes them seem really weak. Everything went by so fast you really don’t get a chance to see how badass Oga is when every time he takes someone out you cut to him doing something else amazing. The pacing killed this chapter it could have been a lot better if it was slower paced.

The Verdict 3/5 

 Not much going on in this chapter just a bunch of Curbstomps and a Pillar introduction. Oga is utterly badass in this chapter. That training must have been amazing or he is just really determined to get his wife back either or awesome chapter. Not much else to say about this chapter its mostly action so a really quick read.

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