arrussel (Level 11)

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Last Chapter

Hilda and Yolda were in jail and Yolda was being pushed beyond her limits transferring the army from the Demon World. While watching this Hilda has a flashback to Oga saying something and wonders why she is thinking of him. She decides to help Yolda by switching places with her and killing the guard when they let her out of her cell and reveals that she’s Yolda’s older sister.

The Good

This was a mostly serious chapter which I like it’s good to have some seriousness every now and then. Training is over! I love that the training arc was so short we can get back into the meat of things. We hear that Black Techs were made so that a human and a Earth born demon can combine and that Oga’s Black Tech is special and really dangerous, which we already knew. Serious Furuichi is serious again! And asks Alan their chances of winning to which he replies are low.

Oga must be a ninja because he was able to get into the room and eat multiple snacks without being noticed. That must have been some awesome training. After most of the cast is together someone teleports into the room and Furuichi thinks it’s Hilda, but Oga knows its Yolda. I like that Tamura is hinting a deeper relationship between Oga and Hilda it makes me think that they might develop a little romance into this manga which wouldn’t hurt.

A new villain is introduced and he has pretty cool powers that can erase a person’s memories. He is about to demonstrate them on a crucified Hilda when we hear something. Its Oga going crazy attacking everyone which leads to one of the best scenes in Beelzebub. The pillars are surprised that its only one man attacking them instead of the 2000 they expected some of them actually looked scared.

The Bad

Where’s Aoi? Where’s Saotome? Two of the most badass characters are left out of one of the pivotal chapters of this arc. Tamura dropped the ball on the comedy aspect of seeing her seeing Oga react to Yolda’s appearance and I expected Furuichi to be getting advice from Saotome. Oh well here’s hoping they and Natsume show up in a few chapters.

The Verdict 5/5

This is quite possibly the best chapter of the entire series not a lot of action or comedy, it set the tone really well. There is really nothing wrong with this chapter other than the Alaindeon gay joke that I was sick of after the first time they used it any critism I have for this chapter is just me nitpicking. So I’m hoping for more strong chapters like this.

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