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While on summer break me and my younger brothers would watch a lot of Netflix when we were at home, eventually it became a ritual for one of us to pick something that caught our eye and we would watch as much as possible. We found a few gems in the anime section like Kaze No Stigma, Hell Girl, and Soul Eater (even though it was ruined by the ending). Everything was going great until it was my turn to pick and I saw something I wish I hadn't an anime called Air Gear. Now don't get me wrong the anime was amazing so amazing that it made me curious about the manga.  
As soon as I finished the anime I promptly went online to check out the manga and boy was I in for a treat art and action was and it was well written. I was eager to read it just to find out how the manga filled the only plot hole the anime had, before I go any further let me explain this plot hole. The main character's older sister comes home from touring and is angry to find out he is a rollerblader, but isn't angry that his three sisters rollerblade one of which is like 8 and the main character is 15-16. She explains to him that the girls are "special" that's why they can rollerblade and he can't so she forbids him and that's it.  

 After he slips and almost kills himself she goes to her paralyzed ex boyfriend and confides in him about how much she worries about him. That is my first problem with the manga if she is that worried about his safety why would she let her sisters skate?  Later we see a flashback showing that her bf isnt human and neither are her sister so I guess that's what she meant by "special". Plot hole sealed right? Wrong her bf is "special" and he still got paralyzed so what's to stop it from happening to her sisters especially the eight year old? Is it a special paralysis that only targets rollerbladers with the Y chromosome? Nope it was just someone who knew he was evil and wanted to stop him but couldn't finish the job.  

Which brings me to my what happened to simple rollerblading and the skates allow certain users to almost fly with them and eight of the very best the are what is known as "Kings" can use them to easily move around in Anti-Gravity.  I t is later revealed that there is a ninth king the "Sky King" is the top dog so everyone wants that title and it turns out the person closest to that title is the main character, and the last person who was supposed to get the title was the boyfriend so that's why she doesn't want to skate but wait. The main character showed that he utterly sucks in Anti-Gravity so why are they so sure he is the next "Sky King"? And how did she know he was that good when she chose not to teach him to skate four years ago if she never saw him skate and her boyfriend wasn't in a wheelchair yet?  
The next examples are all the way at the end (or what I think is the end of the manga) its just a sentence after the older sister and the sister that is the same age as the main character gets into a fight she says that the power that she taught her hurts the user just as much as the oponent and some of the moves are lethal. So she willingly taught her sister moves that could cause her to kill her self but she didn't want to teach her brother to lace up a pair of skates that makes no sense just like this bloody manga! 
If you read this thanks a lot if you liked/disliked/didn't care about this post comment I was thinking about making this into a series if people actually read this and comment my next post will be about Freezing . 
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