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I have been thinking about   Naruto  and how much I hate it and then I realized why I hate it's because the two main characters (Naruto and Sasuke) are Gary Stu's. I mean the manga should be about  Rock Lee  he is a true underdog a ninja cursed with no ninjutsu having to fight demons and people with Bullshit Eyes that can make ramen, copy moves, make fire, summon a samurai, slow down time, teleport, see through things, evolve, drive cars, control space and time, play basketball, and mind control people. 

  Lee has learned how to open the first five of eight chakra gates , a feat that is difficult for even the most talented ninja.  Lee is only allowed to use them in life  or  death situations or when protecting someone he loves unlike Naruto’s clones and Sasuke eyes. The gates are basically natural steroids it’s kind of like Goku’s kaio ken all it does is boost his natural skills. Lee also has the ability to use Drunken Fist which is him using another fighting style to whoop ass.

People often say Sasuke has it easy because he was born an Uchiha, a clan that is famous because of the sharingan; but the same people  say this forget that Naruto also has a powerfull lineage, that grants him powerfull skills. Naruto doesn't have a sharingan, but the reason he have such an enormous amount of chakra is because he is a Uzumaki. But then again Sasuke did have a family for awhile so I'm guessing the only reason he is a so called genius is because he had help from his family. No wait they died right so he was all alone to but it was clearly shown that the only reason he was so good before his eyes showed up was because of how hard he was training to kill his brother. I wonder how bad ass Rock Lee would have been at 12 if he was training to kill his brother and was treated with respect by everyone just because of his last name.

"Lots of chakra! Big deal!". It is a big deal. Every tecnique Naruto have is based on this ridiculous amount of Uzumaki chakra he has. Shadow clones? Only possible because of big amount of chakra. Rasengan? If you remember correctly, Naruto is not as skilled with a rasengan as Jiraya and Minato were; he can't use it alone, he needs a clone. Do you think that he could spare a shadow clone at each rasengan he makes if he hadn't such an amount of Uzumaki chakra? But wait doesn't Sasuke have a move that is just as powerful as his Shadow Clones that only he can do yes he does and its called the ass pull black fire that burns every thing and makes me cry blood.

People that say Sasuke gained a MS also forget that Naruto gained FRS. He trained for what, a couple of days? Why? Because he could make a crazy amount of shadow clones and speed his training; but why? Because he have Uzumaki chakra. Maybe not as graphic as a sharingan, but just as useful. But how did Sasuke get MS by killing a dying man yup that's real bad ass.

Rock Lee has the Reverse Lotus which he learned this move by training his ass of and its just him beating his opponent down then using his arm band to pull them back into the air for the killing blow ala spiderman or scorpion. BADASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Take out Sasuke's EMS, sharingan and Cursed Mark and he still can be a great ninja; jounin level, easily. But with his Eyes he is boring and broken.

Take out Naruto's Kyuubi and Uzumaki chakra and he would also be a great ninja; joun level, easily. But with his demon and royal family he is INVICIBLE  at least until he loses because he pusses out at the last minute.  

  Take out Rock Lee’s weights Alcohol and nunchaku and you have a man who works hard to prove himself to a society who looks down on him because he isn’t magic.


Get the picture? They are boring as hell they are both confused little boys that are to powerful and that makes them boring.    

  You can hate all you want but just remember its just my opinion.    

He would whoop anybody's ass if they weren't half demon or didn't have super eyes. 
He would whoop anybody's ass if they weren't half demon or didn't have super eyes. 
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