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I might end up editing this at some point in the future, or even making a new blog post about them all, adding in all the Pokemon that have not been revealed yet (today is 8/25/2010), but for now, I am just going to talk about the Pokemon that have been revealed. When I have the time, I will talk about the new ones. 

(I will add images later)


The grass starter, he reminds me a lot of Treecko. I really liked Treecko's first form, but I didn't like the second or third form very much. I am sure he will have a strong following. Judging from his style, I could see his evolved forms turning out to be Grass/Psychic, but we will have to wait and see.
Obviously, one of the main characters is going to catch him. But which one? Ash is a good bet, because he has gotten every grass starter before. However, there is always a first, and it could be that Ash doesn't get the grass starter for this region, because he already got Treecko. A lot of people claim, "it would be boring for him to get this one again." While I don't agree (since I never watched AG), I can understand their point. I could see Ash bonding well with this type of Pokemon though.
Some people believe that Dento will use him, as he is seen commanding a Pokemon to use Solar Beam on Mijumaru ( video). Another obvious option is that Dento taught one of his rock Pokemon Solar Beam, or he could be using a Grass/Rock or Grass/Ground Pokemon.
Ultimately, we have to just wait and see.
Update: Dento owns a Yanappu, which means that he does not own a Tsutaaja, and Ash will not catch a Yanappu, though he may trade with Dento. Additionally, from a recent trailer, it appears that Shooti will own a Tsutaaja, as it was seen battling against Ash's Pikachu. However, don't count Ash out yet, as Tsutaaja was shown having a Pokeball thrown at it (and presumably capture), in addition to Mijumaru and Pokabu.


The fire starter. When I first saw him, I didn't think of anyone that he was similar to, but I have seen people consider him a parallel to Turtwig. He is my favorite of the starters. I suspect that his evolved forms are going to be Fire/Dark.
Again, someone will catch him. Who? Well, Ash is obvious someone who could use him. Another possible choice is Shooti, . He is shown being used in a gym battle, so it the most probable explanations are that it is Ash's, or that we get to see Shooti's match against a gym leader, much like how we watched Paul's match against a gym leader. Personally though, I have a hard time believing that Ash will capture this Pokemon and have it evolve if it does have a dark typing. However, it is completely possible. I never really expected him to have a Pokemon like Torterra, but he did. 
Update: From a recent trailer, Iris was shown playing with a Pokabu. While nothing can be 100%, it does appear that she will own this Pokemon. However, it has been confirmed that someone will capture Pokabu, Mijumaru, Tsutaaja with Pokeballs.


The water starter. Reminds me of Piplup, but a lot of people don't seem to like him. I am not a fan, but I think he could do without that shell on his stomach and he would be a lot better. As seen in the previous video though, it appears that he can remove the shell and use it as a shield. I could see his evolved forms being Water/Steel.
So, who will catch him? Shooti or Ash are obvious choices, since he is seen being used against Dento in a gym battle. A lot of people think Ash will get him, because of Buizel. A bit strange, since people don't think Ash will get Tsutaaja because of Treecko. So, it's ok for him to be similar to a Pokemon we just spent 3 years watching, but it isn't ok for him to be from a generation that was half a decade ago?
Shooti is another possible answer, but obviously he doesn't seem like a good choice.
Iris is possible - however, since she already owns a Pokemon, perhaps she does not receive a starter. Why is she battling Dento? Possibly because they are trying to make Dento similar to Brock - a man who loves ladies.
Update: From a recent trailer, it appears that Mijumaru will be owned by Ash, as he is seen throwing a Pokeball, and then Mijumaru is caught. This evidence, along with the evidence that Mijumaru is shown battling Dento leads one to believe that Ash will capture a Mijumaru. Additionally, Mijumaru was shown protecting Pikachu and Kibago. We can also assume that this will be Ash's second water Pokemon to evolve (I hope so...), after Krabby, who evolved into Kingler during the Indigo League.


The normal-type starting-area Pokemon, similar to Rattata, Sentret, Zigzagoon, and Bidoof. I doubt anyone will catch him, but he will have an episode dedicated to him. After that, I doubt we will see him much. Aside from his eye, I don't mind his design. His evolved form reminds me of Sentret.


Cute normal-type Pokemon. I suspect that whoever does the musical contests will catch him. I like his design.


A psychic-type Pokemon that is based on the pig. I could see Pokabu falling in love with one, if it is part of the main team. I don't have a much interest seeing this Pokemon much.


A steel-type Pokemon. I am fairly indifferent about it. Seems like a magnemite regret, honestly...


The regional Normal/Flying bird-type, which Ash will catch, unless they break tradition. Reminds me of Pidgey.
Update: In a recent trailer, Ash & Pikachu were shown battling a wild Mamepato. Ash is later shown dancing with Pikachu after catching a Pokemon - possibly his first Pokemon in BW.  In another trailer, a Pokeball is shown hitting a fallen Mamepato and capturing it.


Fire monkey. Reminds me of Primeape. Frankly, I really wish Ash had kept his Primeape. That was a cool Pokemon. Anyway, I could see Ash catching this guy if he doesn't get Pokabu.


Electric Zebra. So-so design. Not a big fan. I doubt anyone will catch him.


Dark/Ground. I think it has a nice design. If Brock was around, I could see him catching one. However, he is gone, so I have my doubt that anyone will catch him.


Ground type. Looks fairly average in my opinion. A lot of people seem to think Ash will catch him. I don't know why.


A Psychic/Flying Bat Pokemon. I like it. I could see Jessie or James catching it, depending on how bossy Jessie is being at the time/how much James likes it.


A Normal/Flying bird Pokemon. Personally, I would like to see Ash catch one of these guys. They look pretty awesome.


A Psychic Pokemon. Probably will have 1 episode dedicated to him. That is about it.


Another Psychic Pokemon. I could see Jessie catching this one too.


A Dragon-type Pokemon. Iris owns one. It lives in her hair. Makes me think that Ash will pull out his Gible and show it to Iris.


Water-type Pokemon. I doubt that anyone will catch it.


Rock-type. Some people think Shooti will catch one. It might just end up being in a single episode.


Normal/Grass. Iris might catch it. It looks a little too fancy for Ash in my opinion.


Bug/Grass. I really like this Pokemon. I will definitely use him and Pokabu on my first team in Pokemon Black/White. If Ash does not catch Tsutaaja, I could see Ash catching one of these. If that does happen, I would be happy, especially if it turns out to evolve into something similar to a Butterfree. I miss Butterfree...


Water/Flying. Fancy design... Seems like the type of Pokemon Jessie would want, but someone else would get. Looks like it would be good at singing.


Cute little Eletric flying squirrel. I could see Iris catching this, considering the way she acts.  


Grass monkey. Ash might catch this guy if he doesn't catch Tsutaaja, though personally, I am rooting for Kurumiru. 
Update: Dento owns a Yanappu, which means that he does not own a Tsutaaja, and Ash will not catch a Yanappu, though he may trade with Dento.


Dark fox. I doubt anyone will catch them, and with the movie, I wonder if they will even show up in the anime.


Dragon/Fire legendary. No one will catch it, but it will show up in the anime.


Dragon/Electric legendary. No one will catch it, but it will show up in the anime.


Psychic/Fire legendary. It holds the same spot as Mew & Co. No one will catch it, and it will show up in a movie, and maybe the anime too.
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