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If you haven't seen, here are the scans that leaked from the July 2010 CoroCoro magazine. I believe that, due to the Legendarily, we can assume that the region is based off of China.

  • Dawn will leave. We all know this. She will be replaced by the new girl.
  • The female professor makes me think that Brock will tag along for the ride because he has the hots for her.
  • I think Brock will catch a Meguroko.
  • Ash will obviously catch a Mamepato or one of it's evolutions.
  • Someone will own Chiramii.
  • Ash will get at least one of the starts, if not two. I can't really say who he will get, though. One tradition states that he will catch the grass type, while another one states that the new trainer will have the grass type. Will they both have one with different personalities? I still think that would be an interesting idea. Some people might say that they are wasting a slot, but Brock never seems to have 6 Pokemon on him at once. Therefore, he has some extra slots that can be filled, but which never are... 

Not much else I can say with any amount of certainty. Not really into most of the new Pokemon though...
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