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  From the day Aoshi could walk he was trained to assassinate . His skills have no equal .His life has known only hard ship . His mother died at an early age unable to deal with her life she took it  leaving him an orphan and a ward of the state so natural he was thrown into the military  where he quickly became known as demons shadow . He was feared by those he protected . The time came when a great war broke out between countries in order to stay in the war his village took there strongest warrior " HIM " and bound him to an enraged fox spirit one of the  four great beast the fox represents fire what they did not count on was Aoshi,s inability to control it over time he and the fox bounded but kept separate personalty the Fox refers to Aoshi as "Shi Shi " . Years would pass and Aoshi would prove harder to control sometimes disobeying orders and killing targets when orders  were to attain information . After one such incedent  that soured relations with a friendly country which demanded Aoshi,s death  so the wenry  council had to acknowledge this and tried to assassinate Aoshi.  This went as well as expected the council found a bloody head on there table this was a warning that he would kill them if necessary and to not come after him . That was the day Aoshi defected from his village and his real story began.....
Name :Aoshi sigrara
 Alias : Demons shadow ,Death,s shadow, Night stalker," shi shi "
Family : N/A
Powers: Clone jutsu: can create up to three clones 
                Fox control: Aoshi can channel the fox spirit through  his scarf this usually takes the form of a giant claw which he uses to crush things and grapple with.
                Agility : he at the peak of human Agility
                Tiajutsu : master of hand to hand combat
                 Ninjutsu : master of ninjutsu and summoning . Moslty wolves
                 Fox Form: this form he takes when pushed to a certain point and can't handle any more the fox spirit takes over. this gives him the ability to stretch his arms move at super speeds and expel large amounts of energy   
to be continued
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