Main RPC: Charles Princeton [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]

Alternative Accounts: @ Akuhai, @ TheYellowFlash, @ LilRoX, @ Sei, @_WhiteDevil_


  • Titles: The Cat, The Boss, Little Swordsmen, Prof. Prince
  • Name: Charles Princeton.
  • Age: Currently Unknown.
  • Gender: Male.
  • Race: Feline.
  • Alignment: Neutral.
  • Vice Tier Lvl: N/A.
  • Eye Color: Yellow.
  • Hair Color: Black.
  • Height: 25cm; 10in.
  • Weight: 6kg; 12lbs.
  • Sexuality: Pansexual.
  • Occupation: Scientist.
  • Group Affiliations: N/A.

Famous Quote's

  • -"I'll have a tall, warm glass of milk; Partly skimmed if you may."
  • -"I am one of the greatest minds in the world. I demand a little respect."
  • -"Why don't you just show me what you can do, instead of yammering on an on about it."
  • -"I like this place. I think I might stay awhile."


Though most of the time, when surrounded by beautiful women, Prince comes off as a sort of perv. Often trying to climb into their laps. Despite his perverted behavior, he is a genius beyond recognition. Head of his own company and science department. Prince's plans to use his knowledge and resources to cure the world of all of it's diseases, however this is only a cover to hide his truest intentions. Prince is quite laid back, but hates being disturbed while resting.


Though he may take the appearance of an ordinary cat, Prince is everything but 'Ordinary'. His golden eyes with the small horizontal black slit, when hit by any sort of light (Sunlight, Moonlight, Etc.) His eyes give off a certain dazzling glow. The Boss is a well exercised feline with short black silky smooth fur, with sharp claws that he gets trimmed on a regular basis and also is often spotted with a bladed weapon gripped between his fangs or hooked to his red collar as well as a symbolic gold bell. Despite his appearance, being a cat makes it extremely difficult to enter certain places; however, Prince has used his highly advanced telepathy to cloak his own appearance and make himself look however he wishes. This is not shape-shifting, it's merely just a tool to make his appearance look different through the eyes of others. This is only an illusion which allows The Cat to enter certain buildings which don't usually allow any pets. Though he's often using this ability to make himself look like anyone of his personal acquaintances, or allies that he may have met sometime in the past (present, or future). also when The Boss speaks it's not actually him speaking per-say, but him putting the words into a persons head via telepathy.

Powers & AbilitiesBrief Description
Telepathy; Mind Reading; IllusionsIn Progress.
Genius-Intellect & KnowledgeIn Progress.
Speed, Dexterity, and AgilityComing Soon.
Wealth & AmbitionComing Soon.
InventoryBrief Description
TrinionThis unnamed material which was discovered by AR deep underground of the Sahara desert. After bringing the material back to his laboratory, AR had many of his top scientists conduct several tests; such as durability. Upon testing the material, the unnamed metal showed signs that it was unaffected by the effects of magnetism. After numerous tests the material was said by many well known scientists, that this material proved time and time again that it was nearly indestructible, nothing on earth was able to even leave a scratch. The unnamed material was even said to have supernatural properties, which was found out after several scientists were found unconscious from just being close to it, but had no effect of Yami when he dug the material out of the sand with paws and fangs. AR came to the conclusion that the material had no effect on beings who had unique abilities like himself. The material was even tested in areas with intense heat, like for example volcano's for an instance. When dropped in molten magma and then pulled out, the material had no signs for damage or scratches. The material even looked stronger then ever before. After awhile, a few days at the most. AR found a way how to cut the unnamed material into pieces. When the other scientists were testing the material, they forgot about testing the substance for any weaknesses, and what AR found out after having on of the hired scientists use liquid nitrogen and freeze the unnamed substance. What the feline prince found out was that when the material is frozen, it's high durability level is weakened drastically to the point where the material can be cut. So in the middle of this experiment Yami had several weapons & items forged, six useful items created, seven if you count Sukoshi Kiba; AR's personal weapon. The six weapons and/or items were not forged for AR's use; but instead were created for six unique individuals that AR see's worthy. After several years, AR had finally came up with a name for this 'Unnamed Material', what he came up with was 'Trinion'.
Sukoshi KibaThe name, Sukoshi Kiba which literally translates "Little Fang", Is a sword or blade, made from an unnamed material discovered by AR himself. After numerous tests, the lovable feline had found away to chip a decent sized piece and had a weapon forged. The weapon later was named Sukoshi Kiba. Unlike any other blade, the Sukoshi Kiba was made smaller so Yami would be able grip it between his fangs. The blade itself is about a foot (twelve inches) long, with some very durable nylon pieces wrapped around about four inches of the dagger for the handle, leaving about eight inches of steel from the tip of the blade and the edge of the nylon fabric. From the material's supernatural properties, the sword is sharp enough to cut through any and all material, such as stone, steel, shadows, light, and even air. While in the right hands or mouth (xD) Sukoshi Kiba is able to generate semi-powerful air slashes with a single swing. The power behind an air slash is usually no powerful then a bullet, and is usually used more or less as a distraction.
Symbolic BellA gold bell that was given to the feline prince as a souvenir. The bell holds no "secret abilities." All it is a normal 24 carrot gold bell which has a special meaning that only, Yami and his closest friends know about.
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AntiRoX Stats
Date Joined: Nov. 12, 2010
City: Calgary
Gender: Male
Alignment: Good
Points: 0 Points
Ranked: Ranked #30512 of 46,776
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