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Hey ARD here and time for a new preview of an anime that I have been following for 2 years since it's release in manga, Nisekoi. Im not sure if some of the staff here in animevice already posted the information regarding about this but if not im honored to be first to show you guys Nisekoi.

The story deals with Raku ichijou and Chitoge Kirisaki having find themselves in a situation of being in a false relationship to settle the feud between their families since both of them are the children of a Yakuza leader and Gangster boss. But at the same time Raku has to deal with the knowing what the contents of his locket that a childhood friend that he has forgotten which contains the picture of the girl who gave it to him. The show is produced by studio shaft who made the Monogatari series so expect good quality animation. the release date of the anime from what i research is January 11, 2014 but if not 11 maybe 1 or 2 weeks later.

Once the anime is out i'll be also doing information about it here so i'll help out in doing the wiki about nisekoi here also Nisekoi was also part of the winter anime 2014.

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