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Hey fellow Vicers! ARD here to great you guys A HAPPY NEW YEAR! and happy new year indeed since this is a Very Great news. Last 2012 in december, I made a discussion about a Rumor regarding Season 2 of SAO already confirmed. For those who want to read here is the link (Rumor: Sword art online Season 2! Already Confirmed?) . And after many research it was actually just a thing to hype fans more but it wasn't true. Come 2013 the Anime Attack on Titan took the floor and shined being anime of the year. Now as 2013 past by, A show called Log Horizon came out with hilarious results with flame wars comparing to Sword art online. Yes I Do admit that sword art online was so controversial that it had sides that people who like the show and another hating on it, but to me i like sword art and i consider it my top list of favorite animes.

Now having to watch the the extra edition of sword art online, I really do miss watching the show with Kirito and Asuna with the others to recall the whole season 1 (The plot of the extra edition is just a recall of Sao and Alfhiem and yui seing a whale). In the i watched until the end to see after credits and hope to see a trailer and yup i expectations are right. Season 2 is confirmed.

Choo Choo! Lets Ride the HYPE TRAIN cause this is the start of an amazing year!

The Trailer just shows Sinon reloading her massive sniper rifle and confirms 2014 is Sword art online year. Aniplex of America is streaming the same trailer on its official YouTube channel.

Tomohiko Ito will again direct the series at A-1 Pictures, and Shingo Adachi will again adapt abec's original character designs for animation.

Sword Art Online II will launch in 2014. The announcement was made during Tuesday's premiere of the Sword Art Online: Extra Edition special and on the franchise's updated website. The website gives the new arc the subtitle "Phantom Bullet." More details will be announced on the site at a later date.

The phantom bullet arc is considered by fans to be the most interesting arc and being the best story overall compared to Both SAO and ALO since Gun Gale or GGO focuses on guns more than swords.

What do you guys think? Will 2014 be the year Sword Art makes a comeback or will another show rise to top and compete against SAO. Comment down below to what you think. Anyways thanks for reading and ARD wishes you guys a Happy new year.

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