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This anime is very good. But it only has 26 episodes. The characters are Tamaki, Haruhi, Hikaru, Kaoru, Mari, Kyoya, Honey( my personal favorite), and Umehito. Honey and Mari are cousins. Haruhi is a girl but has to act like a boy because she has to be in the host club. She has to be in the host club because she broke a vase she has to bay off. Hikaru and Kaoruare twin brother how work at the host club as the lovely get troublesome boys. Tamaki is the host club king. Kyoya helps the host club get its money. And Umehito is the president of the black magic club. He's always scaring Tamaki. The host club has also been made into a live drama. But you can only find it in English sub. The story mostly takes place in Ouran High School a rich kid school. Although it does take place in different locations. I hope you check it out

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