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Random Anime/Magna Things, People, And Just Look At The List!
Things and what not, that I've seen in Anime/Magna
1. Batman

The Dark Knight Of Gotham

2. Chun Li

Thunder Legs from Street Fighter

3. Ryu

The Tireless Warrior. Street Fighter.

4. Ken Masters

The Raging Inferno. Street Fighter.

5. Robin

The Teen Titan. Teen Titan.

6. Sonic the Hedgehog

The Speedster of Sonic X

7. Amy Rose

Sonic's Unofficial Girlfriend. Sonic X/

8. Tails

The Best Friend. Sonic X.

9. Piccolo

Dragon Ball Z

10. Goku

Dragon Ball Z

11. Goku Jr.

Dragon Ball Z

12. Gohan

Dragon Ball Z

13. Tifa Lockhart
14. Kasumi
15. Starfire

Teen Titans

16. Raven

Teen Titan

17. Underwear
18. Big Boobs
20. Android 18

Dragon Ball Z

21. Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball Z is Awesome

22. Halo Legends

A movie Consisting of 7 stories

23. Master Chief

The Master Of Spartans

24. Spartan-1337

How Dare You ignore his awesomeness!

25. Sakura Haruno
26. Naruto
27. Nami



Cosplaying Nude

30. Tiffania Westwood
31. Mio Akiyama
34. Yoko Littner
35. Luka Megurine
36. Cammy White
37. Erza Scarlet
38. C.C.
39. Dawn
40. Ash
41. Ash Ketchum
42. Boa Hancock
43. Optimus Prime
44. Bumblebee
45. Snake
46. Duke
47. Megatron
48. Breast Envy

A common concept in anime and manga where some characters are envious of a girls, often large, breasts.

49. Misty

You've Got A Friend In Me

50. Mai Shiranui

Final Fight

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