Andras (Level 9)

The Weapon Keeper
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  • Name: Andras
  • Aliases: Prince of Flies, The Prince of Purgatory
  • Age: 2573
  • Hair: Red
  • Eyes: Crimson
  • Height: 6"0
  • Weight: 142lbs
  • Birthplace: Purgatory
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Demon/Unknown
  • Affiliation: Himself
  • Parents: Beelzebub & Eve 

A New Supernatural

It happened on the day refereed to the day of the red moon and the black sky. It is said that hell is a place were demons and evil dwells, and ruling over that dominion is Lucifer Morningstar or Satan as he is known to his subjects, but like any ruler Lucifer is not without his generals, several demons whose powers rival the archangels, but as powerful as they where, one stood out from the rest. He was known as the Lord Of Flies, but he was more commonly known by one of two names, Baal and Beelzebub. He was Lucifer's right hand man, and the most powerful lord under Satan himself.

Beelzebub in many was was like Lucifer, he was prideful, powerful, manipulative and strove to reach a higher state of power, and because of this he planned to one day take over Lucifer's throne and become the new king of hell. In secret Beelzebub had been meeting a girl in secret, out of heavens and hells sights. The girl was powerful as she was beautiful, her name was Eve, well thats the name she gave but her real name was not known nor what she was. All Beelzebub knew was Eve was the queen of Purgatory, an afterlife where monsters and myths end up, and she was their ruler, in a role similar to God and Lucifer, and her power showed for it. In secret for many years they met, until one day Eve fell pregnant with her first child.

Purgatory's Prince

 His parents
 His parents
9 Months after that fateful day, Eve gave birth to a baby boy, whom she named Andras. The boy was powerful, and handsome, showing physical and spiritual traits of both his parents. Andras was kept in purgatory until the day his father could come and see him. When he did both mother and father knew their child was special, and that his power and unique heritage would cause him to be hunted, either to death or to join a cause which was not their own. Beelzebub wanted to use Eve, his child and Purgatory to one day overthrow Lucifer, and so he decided it was for the best that Andras was raised by his mother, while his father would visit on occasion as not to arouse suspicion. 
And so Andras was raised in a realm of monsters and myths, all around him lived creatures only found in books and nightmares, dragons, vampires, cyclops and many more, and Eve was their ruler, their mother. Andras was brought up by his mothers strict teachings, he was taught about heaven, hell and earth and how it all would one day come under his rule. But Andras was not just raised in her teachings she also instructed him in his powers, she nurtured his essence and trained him in combat, building her child into a weapon that would one day be feared by both angels and demons alike. On the odd occasion Andras father would pay him a visit, but he never spoke much, he only came for  a short amount of time and he too trained Andras in his demonic powers. The older he got, the more powerful he got, and the prince knew it, he was arrogant and prideful, and impossible to read. Andras wanted to test his new powers, and just how far he had grown.  

Andras Nine Trials

Andras Stats
Date Joined: Nov. 21, 2009
Gender: Male
Alignment: Evil
Points: 0 Points
Ranked: Ranked #16980 of 42,278
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