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One more time and I'm gonna snap
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Its hard to say.... they both are messy, but swords you can make more of a mess because you can keep hacking away at ppl while they slowly die from the loss of blood xD 
Guns, if you shoot, yeah it makes a mess.... but what fun is that? D: 
I say SWORDS! ^_^
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Yeah... I dont know any Anime Cons around my area, but there is a ComicCon up in San Diego thats only about a two hour drive from where I'm at. I might go there and they do have some anime stuff there, kinda a anime/comic kinda thing. Never been to it before, but I'm hoping that I can save enough money to go to it this year.

This happens around summer time in July, idk the dates yet, but I'm sure their already up xD
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All I really wanted was a laptop with internet connection, thats all xD
BUT I already know what I got... (Thanks to my little sister)

I got an Xbox 360, Halo 3, some other games and three controllers. 

Not that I didnt want a 360 because I did, but I wanted the Laptop the most xD

That and I'll end up getting some purse, a CD from my cousin (Gives me one every year), money from my grandma xD, and err... some goodies from the ppl across the street who always bake around this time of year xD
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once its out on DVD and maybe if my cousin lets me borrow it for a day then I MIGHT watch it.

But omg... -_- you'd think for being such a HUGE franchise they could afford some better effects and crap.
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I cant STAND Yu-Gi-Oh @_@

Oh god, its just so boring!!! I find this show not interesting at all, I cant see how others ENJOY watching this...
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