Amuck (Level 9)

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Name: Anjou Okomoto

Code name: Amuck

Nickname: Amy

Age: 16

Eye Color: Green (Blind Rampage: red)

Hair color: Red

Height: 5’6

In a small rural town in Arizona lived a young girl, who seemed to live a normal life. She was 15 years old, a sophomore in high school who loved to participate in sports and clubs. The young teenager wasn’t popular, but wasn’t a loner, she was… a middle class kind of student, who received average grades and even had average friends. She lived with her mother and her two other siblings, a younger brother and a younger sister, leaving her to be the eldest out of the three.

Yes, Anjou Okomoto was a normal girl, until she came to the age of 16…

The young redhead was ecstatic, her bright green eyes filled with excitement and ready to go out with her friends to dinner and a movie. A typical thing any girl would do on their birthday.

The evening was went just as planned, her friends picked her up, and the small group went out to eat, and then watched a romantic comedy movie.   Having laughed the entire day she felt sleepy and decided it was time to retire for the night. Her friends went to go drop her out at her home, and when she got there, she found that no one was in the house. Amy became worried, never had her family left without calling first, and she could have sworn that they said they were staying home.

As she walked deeper into her two-story home, she reached out for the light switch, and flipped it up, only to find the lights not working. With her heart now beating faster she slowly shuffled deeper into the home, the stench of salt and a metallic rusted smell filled the air, causing her to gag. Not being able to see, and only having the moon shining through the window to light her way, her foot stepped upon something. It was soft, and hard at the same time, she slowly bent down, feeling her way on the floor as a lukewarm liquid was felt upon the tile ground.

Her breathing began to increase, uneven breaths were taken as her hand then felt what she was stepping on… a body. Aijou let out a shriek, fear struck, she was unable to move, her emerald eyes fixed on the body, now being able to make it out, it was her younger brother. Shaking violently she tried to breath, her lungs unable to corporate with her as her eyes moved to the left. There she saw a monster like creature, hovering over another body, seeing the long locks of hair showed it was her mother that the creature was holding onto.

Unable to speak, she managed to get her feet to move, slowly she began to back up, in a panic, she turned around and ran, her feet and hands covered in the blood of her sibling. Her eyes fixed on the still open front door she let out a scream but was cut off when the monster slammed its enormous clawed hand into her side, sending her flying into a wall and bleeding. Her body was now aching, as she slumped over, tears running down her face as she kept it hung down, her red hair flopped over her face. She could feel the hot breath of the monster looming over her, hits hot hand placed upon her head as it then lifted her up and threw her into kitchen.

Aijou body smashed through the door and into the stove, her body broken and her mind wondering off on its own, that is, until she felt

a burning sensation deep within her. Her heart was ready to jump from her chest; she clung into it tightly, as her breathing accelerated, her eyes wide and slowly shifting in color. From emerald green, her eyes slowly started to change to red; her pupils went from round, into a diamond shape, she yelled as she moved her hands from her chest to her eyes. Pain surged through her body as she stood up.

The monster stood back, not sure what was going on, and decided to go in for the attack. Before it could even THINK about what it was going to do to her, something smashed into the monsters chest, and came out through his back. A metal scream filled the home as the monster threw its head back in pain, when it looked down to see what happened, the young girl was standing in front of him, her arm being seen in its chest, and her fingers coming out from his back. Aijou was laughing now, her breathing back to normal as she looked up at the monster, her eyes glowed eerie glow energy as her body too began to glow. Pulling her lips back and showing her teeth she began to growl as she pulled her arm out and this time used her free left hand to smash it upward into the monsters’ jaw and came up from the top if its head.

Not even having time to screech in pain, the monster fell, dead on the ground. Aijou still smiling sniffed her bloody hand, a sigh of pleasure escaping her lips as she taste the blood, her tongue licking the blood of the fallen demon. Right then she snapped out of it, her eyes bulged and started gagging as her eyes went back to normal.

She backed away from the monster in horror, not from what the monster was, but because of what she had become.

She ran away from everything she knew that day, and was soon met up by some government officials, giving her a position in a group called ‘We Are Legend’ but it was a secondary HQ for them. Instead of going to Los Angeles, she ended up going to Tokyo, meeting with the team leader and joining it. She now goes under the name ‘Amuck’ and works closely with the other team members.

Anjou is a rather silent girl, she doesnt like to speak unless spoken to, or unless he has a though she feels the need to share. Because of her power trouble and her being unable to fully control it, she feels the need to keep distance from everyone around her. Afraid she might go into her blind rampage by accident. She also doesnt have the urge to eat, ever, some say this is caused because of her absorption of energy from other living things. She never gains or losses body fat, but she does constantly have the feel of dehydration. The touch of her skin is dry and cold, her skin is also unusually pail. When she goes into her Blind Rampage her body then heats up to a 108 degrees while her normal form is 90 degrees. When she transforms into her rampage form, her fingers turn into claws, her eyes turn red with diamond shaped pupils, her teeth turn into fangs and her body grows warm. 


Her powers as a normal girl:

  • ·       She’s skilled with a dagger
  • ·       She has peak human fast reflexes
  • ·       Able to suck out life force from any living thing and use it as her own, this can also assist in healing herself.
  • ·       Self healing
  •      Run at human peak speed (25-30 mph)
  • ·       She can use the energy she collects to heal others
  •     Can also use the energy absorption as a energy beam, or to create energy weapons, etc..

When she feels in danger, or is just pissed off, she goes into a berserk mode she calls her ‘Blind Rampage’. While in this form the following happen:

  • ·       She receives super strength and is able to lift up to 1,000 pounds (Starting at level one of the Blind Rampage)
  • ·       Her fingers become like razor sharp claws and her teeth become fangs
  • ·       She is able to track anyone down by the sent of their blood (Must have smelt it before hand to work)
  • ·       She gains super human reflexes
  • ·       She becomes very durable, a normal bullet/knife cannot penetrate through her skin and she doesn’t burn very easily.
  • ·       Her eyes are able to seek out body heat and see from a long distance
  • ·       Super human speed (Starts at level one)
  •      Unable to feel pain (only once reached to level two)
  • ·       Has her basic powers from her standard form.


While in her Blind Rampage form the following are her weaknesses:

  • ·       Extreme cold
  • ·       Lightning, can slow her down
  • ·       The longer she stays in her form the less control she has over herself

In her normal state:

  • ·       Standard human weakness 

Levels of the Blind Rampage

What causes her to go into the Blind Rampage mode can be caused by the following things:

  • Fear for her life
  • Wounded
  • Anger

(The following powers are the ones that change through the different levels that Amuck goes through, if the power isn’t noted here, then it doesn’t change from what her power section says)

Blind Rampage, Level one

Level One

When Amuck gets to level one of her blind rampage only a few physical change happens, but her power level explodes. In level one, she looks almost the same only now she has a dark blood like aura around her body but is faint and only clearly visible in the  dark. Her hands turn into claws, her teeth turn into fangs and her emerald green eyes go blood red as her pupils go in the shapes of diamonds. Her body also begins to grow warm up to 95 degrees (Normal temp for her is 90 degrees).

  • ·       Her claws/fangs at this point can cut through skin like scissors to paper.
  • ·       Is able to lift 1,000 pounds with ease
  • ·       Still has control over herself but is much more aggressive
  • ·       Able to move at super human speed (50-60mph)

Level Two

At level two Amuck’s body slowly begins to change more. She becomes taller than she is, up to six feet. Her claws and fangs grow more. The red hair that is cut right below the earlobes grows down to her shoulders. The aura that is   only a glow in level one is more visible here, able to see in normal lighting with no problem. Her ears become slightly pointed. Her muscles are more defend here and her skin grows darker as her body also goes up to 100 degrees.

  • ·       Claw/fangs are a little longer but are strong enough to cut through steel with enough force.
  • ·       Able to lift up to 10,000 pounds with ease
  • ·       Struggles to keep control of herself but is able to with complete concentration.
  • ·       Run at 75-85mph
  •      Unable to feel any pain at this point

      Level Three   

 Once she hits level three her body is pretty much unrecognizable. Here she had turned into what she fears the most, the monster that killed her family. Her eyes are a pure red, no pupils can be seen. Her aura is now thick, and looks almost clumpy as it is clearly

Level Three of Blind Rampage
Level Three of Blind Rampage
visible in even the brightest areas. She is now 6’7 and her claws and fangs care more clearly seen.   Her muscles bulge out much more as her skin darkness, her skin is now at a 108 degrees. Her hair grows down to her mid back. When she tries to speak it sounds like hisses and low growls. Her eyes turn into beady red glowing eyes as her ears become pointy and her lips are no more, her fangs being constantly shown.

  • ·       Claw/fangs can cut through even the strongest metal with enough effort.
  • ·       Able to lift up to 100,000 pounds with ease
  • ·       She is no longer able to keep herself under control.
  • ·       Able to run up to 90-109 mph


Guardian Back Up Boot Knife
Guardian Back Up Boot Knife
  • Double-edge blade
  • Non-reflective black coating
  • Overall Length: 7.28"
  • Length of Blade: 3.41"
  • Weight: 3 oz.
  • Blade Material: High Carbon Stainless
  • Handle Material: Glass-filled nylon with Softgrip Inserts
  • Blade Style: Spear
  • Sheath Material: Molded Plastic
  • Blade Type: Fine

Amuck Stats
Date Joined: Dec. 4, 2008
City: Tokyo
Gender: Female
Alignment: Neutral
Points: 6,207 Points
Ranked: Ranked #159 of 45,113
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