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Ideas For Own Space Opera Anime

This list contains ideal character arch-types for a Space Opera Adventure series and my reasons behind them. Some ideas may seem dumb and silly because of harem girls involved....but there always a reason.

1. Seina Yamada
2. Yurika Misumaru
3. Akito Tenkawa
4. Ryoko Balta
5. Gene Starwind
6. James Hawkins
7. Darth Vader
8. Kiriko Masaki
9. Amane
10. Megumi Reinard
11. Ruri Hoshino
12. Melfina
13. Hilda
14. Ryoko Subaru
15. Kiyone Makibi
16. Hikaru Amano
17. Washu Hakubi
18. Seiya Uribatake
19. Ayeka Masaki Jurai

Every space opera needs a princess.

20. Frieza
21. Bardock
22. Vegeta
23. Dr. Myu
24. Giru
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