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Ok, so my first post wasn't the most positive blog post that could have been created admits all the launch excitement. So I'm quickly writing this +1 post to make things all better again.

Anime is cool.

Maybe thats a bold statement from someone who knows very little of the subject so let me qualify that; What I really mean is that the anime films that I've seen have been simply excellent, and they Include:
  1. The Animatrix
  2. One that I saw on BBC 2 last year and I can remember the name of it, but it was one of the best things i've ever seen and I know that its won lots of awards. Spirited Away! Thats the one (Thanks Ethan, who's profile reminded me)
I'm not sure how much that counts and whether that's the point of the whole site, but hey! Its a learning curve for me too.

I'll look into the site and see how things go, so far its a much smoother launch than that of GiantBomb which had multiple site crashes and was slow for it launch week... but still turned out smell of roses. You know, I even have an Anime Backgound for a charecter I have. Seems I'm more into this than I thought.

'Everyone secretly likes Anime'

See you on the other side,
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You registered an account over here just so no sneaky bastards could steal your username from GiantBomb/ComicVine

I know I did ;)
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