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All_StarSupes replied to the topic Ichigo vs Nekron (DC) on the Battles board.
Surely a joke fight?
4 days, 2 hours ago
All_StarSupes replied to the topic Destructor Asura Vs Superboy Prime on the Battles board.
Superboy Prime destroys Asura, he punched through reality in a weakened state and survived Monarch destroying the universe.
1 month ago
All_StarSupes replied to the topic Teppei, Starjun, Toriko Vs Jirou on the Battles board.
Using manga versions only, Jirou would curbstomp these guys into nothing. Ichiryu, MIdora and Jirou are on a completely different level to any character who has shown feats so far.
1 month, 3 weeks ago
All_StarSupes replied to the topic Sunny vs. Coco on the Battles board.
It may be only one technique, but it's an overwhelming technique that sunny has no answer for. Sunny has no feats to suggest he could withstand cocos poison or react to his spear. Whereas coco has plenty of feats of where he tanked powerful attacks and avoided fairly quick ones as well, although not on the level of Satan's hair. But like you say they know each others techniques so ...
2 months, 1 week ago
All_StarSupes replied to the topic Sunny vs. Coco on the Battles board.
It's completely irrelevant what sunny is doing in the current arc as the kings develop so quickly. I only used flash and zoom as examples of powerhouses without dc and physical strength, the examples aren't related to this fight but rather your idea of strength.We can agree to disagree, I don't believe sunny has an answer for cocos spear or his various poison attacks, but I can see that you ...
2 months, 1 week ago
All_StarSupes replied to the topic Sunny vs. Coco on the Battles board.
Coco will be dead before he pulls out the spear? So grin and the four beast werent able to kill him instantly but sunny is able to??? Sunny deflecting light in the current arc is again irrelevant to this fight. Coco has more than enough weapons to put sunny down, and strength isn't based on dc or physical strength, see flash or zoom in their respective universes.
2 months, 1 week ago
All_StarSupes replied to the topic Sunny vs. Coco on the Battles board.
I didn't say his hair could be poisoned, I said he could send the poison through his hair if he uses his feelers. You're assuming sunny can react to the spear when he's shown nothing to suggest he could. A hole in the stomach is different from a hole in the head or heart.How is coco the weakest? And sunny is indeed a plant eater, but it doesn't say how ...
2 months, 1 week ago
All_StarSupes replied to the topic Sunny vs. Coco on the Battles board.
Its a pretty big assumption to say that Coco isn't as strong as Tommyrod, given the fact he went toe-to-toe with Grin. Mold spear isn't just a simple projectile, it's a near light speed attack which can pierce through an opponent and Sunny hasn't shown anything like the reactions to be able to deal with it.Coco wouldn't use gaseous poisons, he'd simply coat himself in the deadly poison he has, ...
2 months, 1 week ago
All_StarSupes replied to the topic Sunny vs. Coco on the Battles board.
Really don't see how sunny beats coco here. Even using intuition sunny never showed he could dodge a near light speed attack, there's also the fact the sunny can't touch coco unless he uses Satan's hair as coco has the ability to completely cover his body in poison. Satan's hair, although really impressive, puts a massive strain on sunny, and don't forget cocos natural ability is in his eyes, it ...
2 months, 1 week ago
All_StarSupes replied to the topic Sunny vs. Coco on the Battles board.
Coco should be able to take Sunny.
2 months, 1 week ago
@taichokage: The buildings falling in the chapter came from Akira creating a pocket universe in a previous chapter. And Tetsuo flying into space and seeing the flashbacks is to do with him realising the extent of the power within him, and where it comes from. Akira did nothing, but Tetsuo realises who he actually is.
3 months, 1 week ago
All_StarSupes wrote to Low.
3 months, 1 week ago
@Low: Akira Manga chapter 4, volume 4, at page 360 and onwards for about 20 pages. He collapses a pocket universe previously created by Akira, as you see the buildings Akira he previously absorbed falling out of the sky. He also finds out the true power of Akira. I'll find the teleporting scans later, but they're pretty famous and easy to find.
3 months, 1 week ago
Don't know how powerful Jin-mo-ri is but Tetsuo stomps the other two. He was able to collapse one of Akira's pocket universes by just getting angry, and he was also able to teleport to the moon instantly.
3 months, 1 week ago
Insane curbstomp in favour of any of the Z fighters.
5 months, 2 weeks ago
How on earth is Toriko supposed to help SSJG Goku???
6 months ago
Naruto would be way too fast for the Toriko team here. It was after the bubble fruit arc that Toriko characters really started to escalate in power.
6 months, 1 week ago
Midora disappeared into light, so that may be a form of teleportation, but can't really say. More time is needed to calculate the speed of Toriko top tiers. No idea what the 4 Kings are doing in this fight as they are mere fodder in the current Toriko verse.
6 months, 1 week ago
120 million square meters isn't that impressive. But given the fact that the earths circumference is 40,000 km and Toriko's distance between continents is 65,000 km, its fair to say that it is larger.BTW Naruto stomps the One Piece team.
6 months, 1 week ago
All_StarSupes replied to the topic Aizen vs Tsuna on the Battles board.
Tsuna would smash Aizen into the ground. He isn't faster than Aizen, he's massively faster. He was able to react to Jaegar and Bermuda warping around him, and he wasn't even in his strongest form. The only chance Aizen stands is to catch him using Kido.
9 months, 2 weeks ago
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