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Anime Released by Right Stuf & Nozomi Ent.
Anime released by Right Stuf's Nozomi Entertainment. This list will be a-growing... 1.) And if there's something not on here, it's mostly because the series page hasn't been created on the site (yet) or I haven't quite browsed that far! 2.) It's in no particular order at the moment.
1. Emma - A Victorian Romance Second Act
2. Maria Watches Over Us

The first season of the Maria-sama ga Miteru anime, based on the beloved novels by Oyuki Konno.

3. Maria Watches Over Us: Printemps

The second season of the Maria-sama ga Miteru anime. The "Printemps" subtitle for this season was a request by the licensor. (A number of fans have asked. ;-) )

4. Maria Watches Over Us Season 3

The third season of the Maria-sama ga Miteru anime is a "season" of five, super-sized OVA episiodes! We're releasing them on February 24. Be sure to pick them up!

5. Aria the Animation

ARIA The ANIMATION, with the prescribed capitals and lowercases, is the first season of the ARIA anime. Each episode is like a mini vacation. :-)

6. Aria the Natural

ARIA The NATURAL is the second television season of the ARIA anime. We're releasing it in two parts, which means two more cool ARIA premium items to be announced in the very near future for fans who purchase the sets direct.

7. To Heart

To Heart is very, very sweet and very, very episodic. You can pick almost any episode up and watch it at random when you want a break from your real life.

8. Lost Universe

If you're a fan of Slayers be sure to pick this up! (I also love the OP by Megumi Hayashibara. It's quite addictive.)

9. Ninja Nonsense: The Legend of Shinobu

The anime adaptation of the Ninin ga Shinobuden manga. Onsokumaru makes this series.

10. Shingu: Secrets of the Stellar Wars

Many anime series place a great deal of importance on the school cultural festival, but in this case, it's warranted! :)

11. Astro Boy

Right Stuf's very first licensed anime. (Back in the days of VHS, no less!) Go, go, go, Astro Boy!

12. Boys Be...

One of the more realistic portrayals of high school romance I've seen in anime. (Bonus: Both guys and girls will find a lot to like in this one. ^_^)

13. Comic Party

A fun look at fandom. (And Liam O'Brien's portrayal of Taishi always makes me laugh.)

14. Alice Academy

We announced this at Anime Expo 2008! Yay!

15. Gravitation

A perennial fan favorite with so much cool artwork! (There's an OVA, in addition to the TV series, too!)


The DVD subtitle track that makes all other DVD subtitle tracks cower in fear. Seriously. And it's a brilliant series, in addition to that, too!

17. Irresponsible Captain Tylor

The long-time favorite of a lot of us at Right Stuf. We're really looking forward to the remastered thinpak box sets!

18. Kimba the White Lion

Kimba? Simba? When we talked to Fred Ladd, the U.S. producer of the series, about this it was quite a conversation. (Check out the podcast. ;-) )

19. Piano

An especially great series for the younger anime fans!

20. Super Gals!

LOVE Super Gals! And glad to have access to the long-awaited second season! ;-)

21. Toward the Terra

This movie was one of Right Stuf's earliest releases, and we recently put it out onto DVD for the first time using remastered video from the Japanese DVD release. I need to get a copy of the DVD cover up on this page. It features creator Keiko Takemiya's gorgeous rendition of "Soldier Blue."

22. Emma - A Victorian Romance

The first season of EMMA ends on a really mean cliff-hanger... if you don't realize there's a second season. (I feel bad for the Japanese fans. They had to wait more than a year for its resolution in Season 2, a.k.a. The Second Act. Ouch.)

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