AliceShiro (Level 9)

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Name: Alice Lately

Bio: The victim of a most unfortunate mishap that started with a badly coloured potion and then a very badly failed transmogrification of the affected organs leading to him being stuck as a tiny blue dragon with furry scales.

Pet Name: Shyro

Abilities: Can fly around making nuisance; thats about it.

History: Used to be a strong man, a warrior, during a long period of war that has long since passed discovered an elixir that has since been extending his life. Given the eventualities of the last decade all that was his life has gone and now he just follows dCee around doing his bidding and keeping him sane.

AliceShiro Stats
Date Joined: Jan. 15, 2012
City: Kami
Gender: Other
Alignment: Neutral
Points: 0 Points
Ranked: Ranked #30438 of 45,959
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