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Sooo I caught up now gonna try and wait a couple weeks so I won't have to episode to episode watch the wait sucks.
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Some of my favorite Anime's!!

This list will be ever changing as I find new and old anime to put on my favorites list........


This one is just hilarious with cool battles with moves that have names and an adventure to get the little people out from beneath the big bad. This one is just fun not my all time favorite anymore as a few have knocked it lower on the list still one I would go back to for some laughs.

2. Cowboy Bebop

Another classic that's gritty shoot em up and go home with nothing for it at the end of the day gem I really enjoyed this its hilarious surprising and sad. Another everyone should see at least once.

3. Darker than BLACK

This is another one that peoples opinions seem to differ I personally like the idea of powers and payments for those powers I also liked the story and watched everything Darker Than Black franchise had to offer don't regret it and love them all.

4. Chrome Shelled Regios
5. Fullmetal Alchemist

This one is well known and I shouldn't have to say why its good because if you don't know watch it now there is some debate over this and Brother Hood but which ever your preference you should check it out.

6. History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

This is a great action anime with almost non-stop fighting if only training. Its the whole boy promises to protect girl and then works his butt off making himself strong while protecting her story.

7. Jyu Oh Sei

I wanted so much more of this one it just wasn't enough for me. I have heard that it said that the story line wasn't good but I disagree I enjoyed it and the characters each and every one well ok a few of them anyhow all got to me in some way. I have went back to this one time and time again.

8. Kaze no Stigma

One of the first I found after coming to AV this one is very good I enjoyed the story and even though the lead female protaganist was a bit of a loud mouth in my opinion you could still feel the emotion and occasionally the hilarity.

9. Samurai Champloo

This one is another classic one of the first I truly got into. There are some awesome sword fights the movements and colors are eye catching in my opinion and the team dynamics can at times be hilarious.

10. X
11. Sekirei

This is another Ecchi one that is pretty great the Sekirei are comical and the situations that come up as well with just enough drama and story line to keep it interesting when the panty shots and clothes getting ripped off gets old.

12. Demon King Daimao

This one is a little ecchi but all in all I like the characters with plenty of powers a little drama and a lot of fighting and a dragon to boot this is one series I have watched a lot of times and probably will a lot more.

14. InuYasha

This one is a classic with love and action and adventure if you haven't seen it you really should.

15. Hiiro no Kakera

This one is excellent with in depth characters and feelings the romance is excellent. I held off watching this one for a while as I was scared where it was going and that I would be disappointed but I shouldn't have been as they not only made the story better but ended it on such a wonderful note I could watch it again. I wish there was more but the way it ended wasn't bad.

16. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

This is just a great story about a brilliant girl learning about all those things we all do growing up about socializing love and all that between only she is getting it far later in life and dragging along a poor guy who doesn't really mind so much for the ride I laughed a lot watching this.

17. K

Beautifully animated and drawn this is a slow starter but I feel gives you some wonderful scenery for the long trip and once it gets going rises up to the quality animation. The first season ended with a bang with talks of a second season in the works I am hopeful. They have no info on when the second season will be made tho.

18. Code:Breaker

Lot's of cool powers and intense situations in this one the first couple episodes I cringed so many times. The season got steadily better and was another one that ended its season with a bang. I can't wait for season two!

19. Psycho-Pass

This anime is intense gritty and gory at times the subject matter of a society that can condemn you before you even think of committing a crime simply from the analysis of a machine. This is so interesting from a psychological stand point there is so much to get you thinking. You have to make it through the first eight or so episodes setting you up but after that its a wild ride.

20. Say "I love you"

Really big on the deep emotional stuff and I can say I have actually felt my heart ache for some of the characters cheesy I know but oh so true.

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