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Sooo I caught up now gonna try and wait a couple weeks so I won't have to episode to episode watch the wait sucks.
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Aleasha's Anime Vice Chat

Come one come all everyone in the Anime Vice community is welcome. Keep it clean and have fun!

To start chatting!

You may have to hit the log in on the lower right hand corner of the chat box. There is no need to register or create an account simply click on the name that was Auto-generated for you (You can usually figure this out by the odd name of schnookum's and cutiepie) and change your name to your AnimeVice name.

If you Do Not want to chat hit the Sign Out button on the bottom right of the chat box!

If you like it and enjoy the chat or have suggestions please leave a comment below!

We had our first hang out in the chat and it was fun for those of you interested in watching movies with us whenever we indicate there is a movie playing your welcome to click this link and join us. It does take you away from AnimeVice but not to another site just a larger chat box. There is no set time for when we play movies at the moment but in the future I may have something like that.

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The Results

It was very difficult to choose as so many people did an awesome job but after a few late votes we have a winner!!!

Christmas 2012 Profile Winner!

She has an awesome moving background so if you haven't seen it you should check it out.

Excellent job!

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Its that time of year again....

As Christmas approaches for some of us the voting on this years Christmas Profile contest approaches for all of us remember to let me know if you want your profile included! The cut off date is December 25, 2012.

Feel free to check out the profiles before voting. Good luck everyone and don't forget to vote!

Christmas 2012 Profiles

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Genre Master List and Links


Blade of the ImmortalBleachFullmetal Alchemist

Action list link:


Fist or the North StarAkiraWicked City

Adult list link:


Adventure Boy ShadarJyu - oh - SeiNeedless

Adventure list link:


Blue ExorcistMedaka BoxHigh School DxD

Comedy list link:


Cooking Master BoyNot Love But Delicious FoodsAddicted To Curry

Cooking List Link:

Cyber Punk

Parasite DollsGhost in a ShellSerial Experiments Lain

Cyber Punk List Link:


Liar GameSand ChroniclesStepping on Roses

Drama List link:


NisemonogatariAesthetica of a Rogue Hero11Eyes

Ecchi List Link:


Campione!07-GhostA Certain Magical Index

Fantasy List Link:


Elfen LiedRin: Daughters of MnemosyneBlood the Last Vampire

Guro List Link:



Demon King DaimaoSekireiD.C. II

Harem List Link:


Bondage MansionNight NursesCage

Hentai List Link:


Kaze HikaruLe Chevalier D'EonThe Rose Of Versailles

Historical List Link:


Trinity BloodCode : BreakerVampire Hunter D

Horror List Link:


NanaHoney and CloverKuragehime

Josei List Link:


Boku wa Tomodachi ga SukunaiAstarotte's ToyWorking!

Lolicon List Link:

Martial Arts

GamaranHistory's Strongest Disciple KenichiKatanagatari

Martial Arts List Link:


EscaflowneMacrossGurren Lagann

Mecha List Link:


MonsterWelcome to Irabu's OfficeBlack Jack

Medical List Link:


Skip Beat!Princess TutuLa Corda d'Oro

Music List Link:


Twilight QDarker Than BlackZodiac P.I.

Mystery List Link:


Ghost HoundElfen LiedDeath Note

Psychological List Link:

Reverse Harem

Ouran High School Host ClubAlice in the Country of HeartsLa storia della Arcana Famiglia

Reverse Harem List Link:


Ah! My GoddessDance in the Vampire BundAesthetica of a Rogue Hero

Romance List Link:

School Life

ClannadAcchi KocchiHigh School DxD

School Life List Link:


Cowboy BebopPsycho-PassGhost in a Shell

Sci-Fi List Link:


Samurai ChamplooBlack LagoonHellsing

Seinen List Link:


Kodomo no JikanCountdown to DelightBoku no Peco

Shotacon List Link:


Gakuen AliceThe WallflowerEscaflowne

Shoujo List Link:

Shoujo Ai

GirlfriendsSasameki KotoCandy Boy

Shoujo Ai List Link:


BleachRurouni KenshinNaruto

Shounen List Link:

Shounen Ai

Ai No KusabiAngel's FeatherEarthian

Shounen Ai List Link:

Slice of Life

Chibi Vampire KarinThe Melancholy of Haruhi SuzumiyaSchool Rumble

Slice of Life List Link:


MajorCapetaHajime no Ippo

Sport List Link:

Steam Punk

NausicaƤ of the Valley of the WindSteamboyLast Exile

Steam Punk List Link:


Psychic AcademySamurai Deeper KYOGhost Hunt

Supernatural List Link:


Now and Then, Here and ThereKanonTwin Spica

Tragedy List Link:


LovelessAi no KasabiLevel-C

Yoai List Link:


Shoujo sectMnemosyne - Mnemosyne no Musume-tachiStrawberry panic

Yuri List Link:

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