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Sooo I caught up now gonna try and wait a couple weeks so I won't have to episode to episode watch the wait sucks.
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Aleasha's AnimeVice Movie and Chat

As some of you may know I started a chat on AnimeVice on the off-topic forums with the ability to watch anime together. We have tested this out and it was a blast so what I am asking for here is suggestions on shows.

I won't be able to find links for all shows as its powered through YouTube and it takes a lot of work to find some things. But please if you have a suggestion or a YouTube link for a movie you like please share and in the near future there will (hopefully) be scheduled showings. Lets also keep the suggestions somewhat clean as I won't be showing anything with really bad content due to underage viewing.

Currently Available Shows

Fist of the North Star


Escaflowne: The Movie A Girl in Gaea

Bio Hunter

Darkside Blues

Parasite Dolls

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

Yu-Gi-Oh The Movie

Digimon: The Movie

Evangelion Rebuild 1

The Disappearance of Huruhi

Bleach movie 2 The DiamondDust Rebellion

Bleach Movie 4 The Hell Verse

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time


The Place Promised in Our Early Days

5 Centimeters Per Second

Grave of the fireflies

Samurai X Trust and Betrayal


Playing Dates and Times

*To be determined

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