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Sooo I caught up now gonna try and wait a couple weeks so I won't have to episode to episode watch the wait sucks.
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A list of all the anime's I have seen...... this is going to take a while.

More coming as soon as I remember all the ones I have seen..........

1. Gungrave

This one is all gangster shoot em up type of movie with a main character you actually feel for. I was disappointed in the end but the ride there was pretty wild. The first half is flashback and that does get old but it has a point.

2. Shakugan no Shana

Interesting story to say the least and not one I have seen often and the emotion that the characters eventually feel are pretty great and the battles are not to bad either.

3. Hiiro no Kakera

This one is excellent with in depth characters and feelings the romance is excellent. I held off watching this one for a while as I was scared where it was going and that I would be disappointed but I shouldn't have been as they not only made the story better but ended it on such a wonderful note I could watch it again. I wish there was more but the way it ended wasn't bad.

4. Araiso Private School Student Council Executive Committee

This is a very short some what boy love anime. It has nothing over the top and is mostly about the two cleaning up the school for the discipline squad and teaching guys that don't follow the rules a lesson by beating them up if they choose to fight or on the court.

5. So, I Can't Play H!

Pretty funny Ecchi anime where the guy being a total perv is actually a good thing and he learns to harness this power to help out. Its pretty funny with some crazy situations.

6. Betrayal Knows My Name

This one is under the boy love label but personally I don't think it counts as the love shared is left over from the female incarnation of what is now a male on her own dieing request. Besides that there really isn't much in the way of touching mostly long looks that get the point across. The fighting however is very good and the script even had me laughing from time to time.

7. Blood-C

The hands down most bloody anime I have ever seen blood is everywhere a lot of the time and there are some twists that can piss you off really fast but not bad and some of the fights where cool. So if you like blood, gore, and the darker side of anime this one is for you.

8. Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited

Really great show with lots of powers, fights and general badassery! Only a couple of episodes in at this point ill update this when I'm further into the show.

9. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

This is just a great story about a brilliant girl learning about all those things we all do growing up about socializing love and all that between only she is getting it far later in life and dragging along a poor guy who doesn't really mind so much for the ride I laughed a lot watching this.

10. InuYasha: The Final Act

This one is a classic with love and action and adventure if you haven't seen it you really should.

11. Code:Breaker

Lot's of cool powers and intense situations in this one the first couple episodes I cringed so many times. The season got steadily better and was another one that ended its season with a bang. I can't wait for season two!

12. Say "I love you"

Really big on the deep emotional stuff and I can say I have actually felt my heart ache for some of the characters cheesy I know but oh so true.

13. Okamisan
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