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has fast internet now, will be back soon, after I stop looking death in the face. =D
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Haiiii.  I'm Brittany.  I'm 19.  I be studying to become a vet tech.  I'm a little bit neurotic, little bit dorky, little bit goofy.  I also happen to be NATIVE AMERICAN.  That's right.  I'm short.  I'm petite.  I'm ohsogorgeous ;D  and I advise that any statements I typically make should be taken with a grain of sand (see previous).  I like smellygoods and driving like a maniac.  I'd love to try out stunt driving, at least once in my life. xD  Annnnnd I just happen to be a sucker for chocolate chip cookies.  Holy crap I love them so.
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Date Joined: Dec. 2, 2009
City: Graham
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