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I have been so busy recently that i haven't even been on much. Hopefully i'll have more free time in the near future
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akronawol17 replied to the topic Meliodas vs Admirals on the Battles board.
yep, because the Admirals can totally split continents with their punches, right? no, not at all actually.Chinjao's horn=/=any OP character in power. you cannot scale anyone to Chinjao's horn in strength. the only reason it split the continent was due to some special property of the horn itself, not from raw strength. this is provern when Chinjao can't even dent the ice after losing his horn, no matter how hard ...
40 minutes ago
akronawol17 replied to the topic Godly free-for-all on the Battles board.
@EVA_01: yeah, i know YHVH is not the Great Will. somehow i always manage to confuse them though lol
1 hour, 11 minutes ago
@waybig1010101: my bad. i guess that's how interpreted it when you said it wasn't casual lol
8 hours, 30 minutes ago
@waybig1010101: alright, let me re-word it. the attack took no effort. even if he was upset, even if it wasn't his normal mindset, Mel doesn't break a sweat when using it. just because he was upset doesn't change that.also, i'm still debating this because the way your wording it, you make it sound like he did this with extreme difficulty, when that is obviously not the case. i see what ...
8 hours, 43 minutes ago
@waybig1010101: i understand what your saying, but i must disagree. if a fly is buzzing around your face and angers you, do you swat at it with all of your strength, or just casually? you might put more power behind an attack when your angry or upset, but that usually doesn't change the amount of physical exhertion you used by much. Mel was upset alright, but if you wouldn't have ...
9 hours, 6 minutes ago
@waybig1010101: just because he wasn't happy doesn't mean the feat isn't casual. being able to do something 'casually' just means you can do it with no visible effort or strain, which is how Mel did this feat. sure, he looks sad, but the attack took zero effort on his part.
9 hours, 19 minutes ago
@waybig1010101: he did casually make the hole, and it was around 30,000 feet. no idea where you got 90,000 feet lol. the one that the Ten Commandments are at is the one Mel made in Edinburgh, not the hole made in Danafor. if he could casually do the Danafor feat that'd be awesome though.
9 hours, 35 minutes ago
@waybig1010101: the hole Mel makes in Edinburgh is, in fact, the same one that is stated to be over 30,000 feet deep.notice the melted castle, and mention of an "immense force exploding from the centere" of it? reference to Escanor's attack from the latest chapter. the hole may look a little bigger here, but it is the same one from the latest chapter.
9 hours, 47 minutes ago
akronawol17 replied to the topic Universe buster team vs Demi-Fiend on the Battles board.
@tiraomoz: that is TDE Demi-Fiend, who was previously banned for being nigh-omnipotent by powerscaling. that's nigh-omnipotnet in a verse chock-full of universe and multiverse busters. it may seem crazy, but there are characters in his verse who could potentially match him, as well as characters who could even match and/or defeat him in the realm of fiction. To Aru top-tiers, for one. probably some Marvel top-tiers as well, but only ...
11 hours, 44 minutes ago
@RampagingSimian: 1. won't be effective on the Buddha, will be effective on Hashirama2. depends on the radius they're being used. Merlin used it to cover an entire town+a castle, and it held against two town level attacks before breaking. she said it was weakened due to being extended over such a distance. if she used it on people, it'd probably be at the very least city level.3. Hashirama does more ...
13 hours, 8 minutes ago
@RampagingSimian: How is Hashi getting past so much hax? Physical Hunt, teleport spam, magical shields, Full Counter, mindrape, Power Amplify (which, by the way, amps abilities at least a dozen fold), Snatch, ect.not to mention Revenge Counter, times 5 via Lostvayne, and then amplified times 10 via Power Amplify.
13 hours, 28 minutes ago
@taichokage: let's not forget that Merlin can use Power Amplify on Mel's attack, to make it insanely more powerful.
13 hours, 54 minutes ago
akronawol17 replied to the topic Meliodas vs Admirals on the Battles board.
@DXC: Meliodas' casual attack was over 30,000 feet in length, that's longer then mount everest is tall, which is just over 29,000 feet. that means it dwarfs most mountains in height. calling it small city level is downplay it its finest. the radius may be narrow, but the complete size of it is insane.
13 hours, 57 minutes ago
akronawol17 replied to the topic 1000 frieza´s VS Medaka. on the Battles board.
Medaka yawns
14 hours, 51 minutes ago
akronawol17 replied to the topic Who can defeat Discord (MLP)? on the Battles board.
@cosmicdude: sounds reasonable. just make sure you put a limit on power still, like no one above solar system level.
14 hours, 56 minutes ago
akronawol17 replied to the topic Sasuke Uchiha vs Seven Deadly Sins on the Battles board.
@Ban: i doubt that'd work on Merlin and Gowther, to be honest. Merlin can casually make armies with illusions, and Gowther is a doll, and has mind control feats of his own.
15 hours, 3 minutes ago
akronawol17 replied to the topic Who can defeat Discord (MLP)? on the Battles board.
so basically, they can't be above planet level? that really limits things.also, you might wanna make Discord bloodlusted. as powerful as he is, he dicks around more then Bond villains. that'd get him killed in a fight.
15 hours, 5 minutes ago
akronawol17 replied to the topic Sasuke Uchiha vs Seven Deadly Sins on the Battles board.
@taichokage said:Better than Hashirama. Hard to say honestly. I might say Sasuke still wins by feat alone.i agree, it's a bit too soon for the Sins. maybe when Escanor gets more feats, or Mel shows more of this demon powers, this might change. but for now, Sasuke takes this pretty easily.
15 hours, 23 minutes ago
@luthluth said:In before DXClol. this
15 hours, 28 minutes ago
akronawol17 replied to the topic Godly free-for-all on the Battles board.
@EvilMegaCookie: well Kagatsuchi was the physical abstract of life (or the closest thing to it), and Beelzebub is the most piwerful abstract of death, and he's Hitoshura's bitch lol. but i see what you mean.
15 hours, 41 minutes ago
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