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My Favorite Anime Girls
Just a list of my favorite Anime girls.
In no particular order at the moment
1. Mizore Shirayuki

She's my favorite character from Rosario Vampire because of her shy and stalker-like personality. She's just so funny and cute! -^_^- Marry Me Mizore-Chan! ...Just kidding ;)

2. Haruka Morishima

She's cute and has an odd personality which makes her cute. Did I mention she's cute?

3. C.C.

Her relationship with Lelouch reminds me of Ryuk and Light Yagami's relationship in a way. Though she's much much prettier. Also I too love pizza. ;P

4. Soi Fon

Soi Fon is one of my favs from Bleach because she's strong and determined,knows martial arts, and her crush of Yoruichi is so cute! SoiFon/Yoruichi pairing is the only yuri pairing I kinda like, cus they're so cute together. <3

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