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  Welcome to another Addition of Fanart Fridays!
This time it's all about Cosplay. :D
I had the idea of having the character's from Rosario+Vampire (Harem,Comedy,Fanservice Anime series about a school for monsters)
cosplaying as characters from the medieval based fighting game series:
Soul Calibur 4
It's basically a combination of one of my favorite anime series and my favorite fighting game series.

Here we have Inner Moka crossplaying (kinda like cross-dressing) as Raphael since their both vampires
and Kokou as Amy because they look kinda similar (though Kokou's hair style is much easier to draw than Amy's) and
because of their unique relationships. And I believe the both might be vampires too.

I'm think of making the rest of the cast from Rosario+Vampire is cosplay.
But next time it won't be Soul Calibur, but maybe another fighting game series perhaps? ;)

So I hope you all like it

Comments And Constructive Criticism Welcome.

Picture By: AJV (Me)
Rosario+Vampire Created By: Akihisa Ikeda
Soul Calibur Created By: Namco Bandai

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