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...and i love it.  
for those of you that don't know, i checked out the K-On! anime series to try to get into watching anime. i don't think i'm ever going to look back.  
this series was awesome. the 13 episodes were some of the best animated episodes i've seen in a VERY long time. i totally enjoyed this series, and the music kicked ass! my favorite character had to be Mio, she was a great character and she was kind of similar to me ^^  
as much as i would hate to admit it, i had tears in the final episode.. sorta almost cried at the end .__. . i don't know why, i just tear up when i see the end of a great story / game / etc. the story wasn't very in depth but it was funny and at times..kind of sad :(  
this was my first impression on Japanese anime (excluding stuff like Pokemon) and i'm never looking back again. i can't wait to see more anime...and i hope they make MORE of K-on! i would LOVE to see more of this series.... :(  
forums, did you see K-On? what did you think of it? 
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