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I have a short list this year. Just give me my: 
  • iPod Classic, i need something to listen to music on after my old Zen died on me :(. 
  • Xbox 360. I'm craving me some Dead or Alive 4.
  • Valkyria Chronicles (PS3). No questions asked. GIMME NAO! 
  • Some sort of K-ON! DVD - i'm incredibly obsessed with that show and a DVD would be amazing! 
  • Money. oh, and maybe a paid Crunchyroll acc so I can watch Fairy Tail
That's all I want, really. 
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I have no interest in One Piece at all, but Fairy Tail has seemed to totally interest me, so i'm going for that. unfair, but it's all i have, really. I need to get me one of them paid Crunchyroll accounts or something, cause i really want to watch it :( 
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my soul died when i actually understood this picture. i could be wrong, though. 
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no, just no. 
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I have to say, the K-ON ending is super, super catchy. the older Saki ED is also really starting to get stuck in my head (along the newer OP)  
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