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My first Anime was Bleach which is one of my very faves to this day! Then Naruto death note inu yasha dragon ball z then .hack and blue exorcist. Bleach: it's a supernatural and action packed fantasy with lovable characters! It really gets you thinking about the after life! It gets five stars out of five!!! Naruto: the Anime is a little more goofy and silly than the manga but I love both! It's a bright story about a young ninja named Naruto who wants to become the next Hokage. He won't stop for anything- even deadly opponents Blue Exorcist: Surprisingly this is not a very dark Anime just a little. It's about a Teenage boy who realizes he's a demon. It's a lot better than it sounds because it's hard to explain the story! :) Death note: this is a darker anime... It's very twisting and mind bending with scary, lovable and insane characters! .Hack:this is like an RPG game in a manga. It's an adventure of a sister and brother who play the most advanced online video game ever created. They meet friends and explore as well as run into dangerous foes as the game goes corrupt. It a very unique manga!
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