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I loved that OH MY GAAAAH Sparta Remix so much, I had to make one of my own!  Why NOT run another vid up the flagpole of a seven year old meme?  It's new to me! 
For my subject, I've chosen to edit a moment from episode five of my favorite comedy anime of all time, EXCEL SAGA!  NSFW alert: video includes a repeatedly screamed/sung swearword!
 God I love this show.  Seriously, it's my favorite dub performance of all time.
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I....I can't stop listening to this.  It's Nagato's version of the theme song from Haruhi's movie.  Which is already like the greatest song ever.  But Nagato's autotuned, emotionally vacant, electric guitarified version is LIKE MAYBE ACTUALLY THE BEST THING EVER. 
 I also love how the youtube comments compleatly devolve into "They used autotune cause she's a robot!"  "N00B SHES AN ALIEN"  "no shes a robot" "THE SHOW SAS SHES AN ALIEN!!!111"  "SHE'S AN INTEGRATED DATA LIFEFORM"  
Dudes, dudes, can't we all just admit she's an alien robot and enjoy our lives?
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This entire episode is golden (the whole SERIES is), but I have to say I'm really impressed with Kyon's wild take at 1:12.  Going beyond the spit take to an actual vomit take.  It's not as gross as it sounds - as with everything in this show, it's kind of adorable.   Does this happen in other animes? 
As a big fan of the Haruhi dub cast, I'd LOVE to see an official English version of this show...too much to hope for?   Yen licensed the Haruhi-Chan manga,  why shouldn't Bandai use their awesome dub cast for this?  I'd buy a DVD of the whole collection in a second.  
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I can't even go to my friend's cousins independent hip hop show without getting a bunch of anime up in my face.
This was at San Francisco's Club Six, they were playing episodes of Dead Leaves on a big screen all night.  You probably can't tell what that is from this photo, but trust me, it was.  Now I have to watch it cause it looked so insane.  Dammit. 
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yep this is pretty good
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