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I'm a bit surprised that I wasn't more curious about this 3 piece collection of films based on Otomo Katsuhiro's short works. Around that time I still was incredibly fond of Otomo's work, and still revered his Akira as a masterpiece.  It wasn't until someone reminded me that Memories existed by recommending I see Magnetic Rose, that I finally got acquainted with this gem of a production.  I will say, though, that its reputation as uneven, and thus flawed on the whole, is justified.  The middle work, Stink Bomb, is a single joke played out WAY too damned long.  But Cannon Fodder manages to set a distinct mood with its art style that transcends the ease with which people seem to reject it (the only thing that bothered me about it, other than the ending that seemed to lack a strong punch (though I get where it was going, so it's not so big a deal), was the lazy foley work when people walked around).
I understand why the two other works get mixed reviews, though.  The first piece, Magnetic Rose, overshadows the rest.  It is a tightly scripted, excellent example of science fiction done in the literary, discovery style.  I can't remember the last time I was gripped so tightly by ANY film, let alone a work of animation. It has to be experienced if you're willing to discover the potential of animation to tell a story.
Magnetic Rose was written by the late Kon Satoshi, with haunting music by the always masterful Kanno Yoko.
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