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Random Detritus from the First Wave of the Invasion

1. Mazinger Z

I had this dude as a rubber pencil topper. I had no idea what show he came from, or that he even had a show associated with him. All I knew was that he was robot.

2. Getter Robo

I think I saw the movie of this. For some reason I don't remember the fat guy being quite so fat. Cool that they're so inclusive and all... Maybe he's really strong. But it's a bit weird to make him so exaggerated when the other characters seem almost drawn by a different person (further research suggests that one of the members of the group changed by the time the show reached the US for spoilery reasons). The detritus in this case is the theme song, which is permanently stuck in my head. I think it was the inspiration for some of the heroic songs I'd sing when my action figures got into some heavy combat.

3. Force Five

I get the feeling a lot of my early experiences were due to this campaign by Mattel to market Japanese toys in the States. We got one, and it promptly broke.

4. Kamen Rider

I wonder if the bug-headed eraser topper I had was from this series. Japan was such a mystical, strange place to me when I was a kid. That Japan is some sort of green, leafy fairytale kingdom with robots and electrical towers. Not sure if this was the Japan that exporters wanted to create in kids' heads :)

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