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Miroku » What If You Were Asked This Question

I'd ask what sort of bearing we were talking about, here :)  Not sure how many babies I can bear at any one time :)
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RPG » [Story-Chain] Approaching Apocalypse OoC

I've tried this sort of thing with people before and it often felt like a tug of war.  I'd come up with something and then the other person would disregard it or want to express their own idea.  I guess it's a bit different in that it's a continual chain, but maybe that makes the chaos more prevelant.  I guess I'd be interested in knowing about how strong the enforcement to keep on task would be, while at the same time how creative can one get, given the context of the setting, that might still ruin it for everyone just because it may alter the tone too much?
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Off-Topic » Hi Im new and goodbye thread

I came here back when the place first launched, but I still don't have a solid grasp of where the artforms this site discusses have gone in the past decade or more.  I'm decidedly oldschool, raised on translated dubs and fan subs from the 70's on.  If anyone knows what the heck I'm talking about, by all means say hello :)
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Cowboy Bebop » This is what I don't like about animes...

I'm not completely happy about the way Bebop ends, I guess I can go into that more if it's OK with people, but a creator should be able to end their work when they want to and with the finality they like.  In a collaborative effort that makes even more sense even though all the workers will have to find other places to go, because having this understanding between creator and crew makes it so people plan ahead, instead of charging forward until the franchise stops making making money or runs out of steam creatively.

It's good for a lot of the reasons people are saying, that it's nice and compartmentalized so people can get into it (I love Bebop but I don't know I would have ever thought about buying it or trying to catch up with it if it had been tons of eps), and that it allows each episode to matter with a minimum of filler.

I think your desire (and mine) to see more Cowboy Bebop is just a testament to the quality of the series.  Short or long, it's about maintaining the energy, detail, and spirit of the story. 
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Spirited Away » Strange entries

Howl's Moving Castle has nothing at all to do with Spirited Away, it's only related because Hayao Miyazaki was attached to both projects.  And Spirited Away is listed twice as a movie.

Did Spirited Away had a corresponding Manga, or was it based on a story?  That's the only reason I could understand it being here.  And since Howl's was based on a British author's novel for young readers, and Spirited Away is not very British at all...  I hope this was just a mistake.
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Just Anime » Not your Favorite Anime, But Your First

I may have seen some before, but the first I remember strongly was Star Blazers / Yamato.  I think I saw that before I saw Leiji's other creation...  Still waiting for that to come up.
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General Discussion » Your name on CV/Giantbomb

No chance of getting lost in the crowd here... 

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