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General Discussion » Aniplex "rescues" Gurren Lagann, Blu Ray to cost 670 dollars

@Destinyheroknight: I have the DVD. I'd like the Blu Ray.

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General Discussion » Aniplex "rescues" Gurren Lagann, Blu Ray to cost 670 dollars

When Bandai Namco's publishing division went under last year, one of their most popular properties was Gurren Lagann. Fearing that no one would pick up the license, the DVD sets were bought up in droves. Now, Aniplex of America has announced that they now hold the Gurren Lagann license. With that, they will now release the series on DVD for 175, and on Blu Ray for 670. An announcement I can only imagine was greeted with boos at Sakura Con in Seattle.

If one wanted to pick up the series on Blu Ray, they'd need to pay over 20 dollars per episode.

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General Discussion » How do you guys keep watching anime?

While Toonami was gone, there was a period where I would set aside an hour or two on the same day each week and watched one episode from 2-4 shows that week, as if it was a block of anime on TV. It worked out pretty well, especially since if I was really interested in what happened next I could just watch the next episode.

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General Discussion » FINALLY! Kiki's Delivery Service receiving the Blu Ray treatment

For years, since the first Studio Ghibli movies were released in their little blu (sic) boxes, I've been patiently waiting for some word on Kiki's Delivery Service and what I thought was an inevitable release on the Blu Ray format. And what a wait it has been. I first saw the movie not long after HD DVD kicked the dust in 2008. FOUR YEARS, I have been stuck cutting my eyes on the poor picture quality that DVDs offer. But finally, the movie is making its conversion in Japan, where Kiki has been listed for a release in early December for dear Nippon. Which means an American release is just around the corner.

The film occupies a slot in my 638 movie ranking as the fourth-best movie of all time, and nearly every film I own on the superior format is in my top 20 (there's no reason to see Rush Hour 2 in HD). The absence of such a beloved movie of mine from my collection has been rankling me since the day I bought the other top four.

Yet there are still favorites of mine that have not received the Blu Ray treatment in the States, both animated. And while Disney will eventually get to The Hunchback of Notre Dame (as soon as 2013, if Wikipedia is to be believed), I'm rather worried about The Place Promised in our Early Days. Japan has its own release, without an English dub or sub. None of Shinkai's films have found themselves on the superior format yet (though Children who Chase Lost Voices is scheduled to release on the Blu in November, thanks to the wonderful awesome Sentai). Here's hoping TPPIOED (doesn't roll off the tongue, does it?) is thought to be worthy at some point or another.

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Toonami » What would be the Ideal Lineup for Toonami's Revival?

@LuffyDUzumaki said:

Sorry people but heres the actual line up

Thanks for the update. I'll be tooning (sic) in for sure. Like they say, if the segment gets good ratings, there's other shows they are looking at (Panty and Stocking, Fairy Tale were two of the ones mentioned).


Please see this thread: Toonami Dream lineup

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Toonami » What would be the Ideal Lineup for Toonami's Revival?

@Supreme Marvel said:

If it's not a separate channel, I'd have it one. It'll also be 24/7 because my sleeping pattern is never in order and I know how it feels to have f**k all on during them times.

Still thinking of the animé

A separate channel... Now THAT would be lovely.

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Toonami » What would be the Ideal Lineup for Toonami's Revival?

Toonami's back. For a 90's guy like me, it's frankly a little hard to believe. I watched the block almost religiously from 1998 (Beast Wars) Through 2005 (The end of Gundam Seed, Yu Yu Hakusho) . Since it left us, there has been a television hole that has needed filling (...get your head out of the gutter). And now, that hole has been filled. (seriously) Or has it?

At this point, we have no idea what Toonami is going to look like. Tom is clearly going to be back (he had new narration on April 1 thanks to Steven Blum) and the trademark editing style of the promos and intros seemed to be back as well (most of the intros used on April 1 were specific to the episode played and completely unlike the ones these shows debuted with). But which shows will be returning?

Below I made a list of what a dream Toonami would look like, not really factoring in things like licencing deals or feasibility. It's also quite a bit longer than what I expect Toonami's new block will end up being (5+ hours!!!). That said, I think the shows below would not only be good for the fans and new viewers, but for the network as well. Even if none of these show up (It could end up being a reskin of their current saturday nights, which means lots of Cowboy Bebop, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Ghost in the Shell) I'll still be happy. I used to say that Toonami was timeless. Now I can say that Toonami IS timeless.

In an ideal world, what would be on Toonami?

Toonami's Revival

Toonami's back, but what will it contain?

1. Dragon Ball Z Kai

What would Toonami have been without Dragonball? First introduced a year into Toonami's campaign, it immediately became a staple and catapulted every show that surrounded it into immense popularity. Between the original series, Z, and GT, Dragonball at times consisted of half the daily programming.

2. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

It was a shame that Code Geass didn't come out a decade earlier. The show would have been perfect fodder for Toonami, right up next to shows like Gundam, Evangelion, and Outlaw Star. The mechs, characters, and political intrigue would have been a hit. It's time to rectify this mistake.

3. Mobile Suit Gundam 00

What would the return of Toonami be without Gundam? It wouldn't be Toonami, that's for sure. This particular marriage benefited both sides in a big way, as Gundam benefited from the increased exposure and became a meteoric hit, in turn boosting Toonami's profile. But Gundam hasn't been on TV since Seed season 1 ended some 7 years ago. And frankly, that's the reason I haven't gotten around to watching 00. It'd be fun to see them put UC on the network as well, but 00 would be good enough.

4. Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

Almost custom built for Toonami's long-defunct "MIDNIGHT RUN", Panty and Stocking perfectly combines the Tartatovsky (creator of Powerpuff Girls, Samurai Jack, Dexter's Lab, among others) vibe with the older, less mature (see what I did there?) humor Adult Swim used to be known for (before it decided to cater exclusively to stoners).

5. Gurren Lagann

Gurren Lagann is another series that, while presented on american television in another form, would have benefited from being on Toonami in particular. SciFi Channel didn't have the anime bodifides to get people to tune in. Tom and Toonami do.

6. Fate/stay night

Between Outlaw Star, Big O, Blue Submarine, Samurai Jack, and various Gundam series, Toonami had a good tradition of brooding series that weren't about constant combat, and it was loved for that. The Fate series definitely falls in that category.

7. Outlaw Star

A personal favorite of mine, Outlaw Star was relatively obscure in its native Japan. Panned by the anime universe, it was a small miracle that Toonami took a chance on it in 2001. It became by far the biggest surprise hit to come out of Tom's spaceship, and had a huge presence in Toonami's "music videos". The final episode was shown in Toonami's "April Fools Day" appearance, lending hope that the show might return at least shortly, to beckon Toonami into a new era.

8. Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files

While it was one of the most popular series on Toonami (especially in its later years) it ended up being moved to Adult Swim before the full 112 episode run was complete. With the recent blu-ray release, I'm sure there are many that would love to see the final arc, to find out how it all ended.

9. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Toonami has always had a cuter series to pair with all of it's serious brooding and shonen action shows (Hamtaro, Powerpuff, Cardcaptors) and MLPFIM is without a doubt a huge hit among those who would be interested in the return of the block. This isn't a show that I watch, but I couldn't be more confident that it would be a hit.

10. Tiger & Bunny

Goofy, likable characters, a largely episodic format, and top-notch action (along with a hint of honest-to-goodness thematic meaning) make Tiger & Bunny the most recent fit to a Toonami lineup. Few modern anime would really feel at home on a new Toonami. Tiger & Bunny does.

11. Neon Genesis Evangelion

The rebooted movies. I'm not sure if they could be cut up Futurama style or if they'd be occasional specials like Endless Waltz and the Batman TAS movies back in the day, but this would be another great way to draw in fans of the original Toonami block.

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Fullmetal Alchemist » Which version of FullMetal Alchemist should I watch?

I want to say watch the first one until they meet Greed (so about halfway in) and then pick up at the same spot in the other but really, just watch the first one and read the manga for the other storyline.

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Bleach » Bleach anime supposedly ending at the end of March

I'm just going to say this before I get into the actual story; this is a publicity stunt. They aren't actually going to end the Bleach anime. It IS going on hiatus it seems. It'll be back in a year or two as Bleach Shippuden or something to that effect when the manga has built up some headway.

But yeah, so the animated version of Bleach is going to be taking a little break from existing for a while, and the official word doesn't indicate a return. Which is probably for the better, lest it go on some filler run like some of its contemporaries. This break will align to the end of the current Fullbring Arc. Why they waited until now instead of doing it during the time skip is beyond me. That would have made so much more sense. It's even more shocking considering this break seems like it has been planned since before the arc started; If you watch the opening, they show the middle title cards of several past episodes, seemingly in tribute.

So for the fans of the animated version, get your fill before March 27th. It could be a couple years until we see Ichigo in all his animated glory again. And I'm totally okay with that. Because when it comes back, it'll hopefully have 15 whole minutes of new content each week.

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Fate/Stay Night » Who would you want as your servant?

@Kuro_San: So you didn't like the assassin class version?

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General Discussion » Which Death Note OP did you like better?

The music of the first, the animation of the second. I loved how the second one introduced the characters, but the music was just a teensy bit grating.

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Bakemonogatari » what the hell is this show??

I didn't begin to really enjoy Bakemonogatari until about halfway through, when they started to introduce more interesting characters. But it REALLY hit me in the last episode, with one of my favorite action scenes. It's not for everyone, to be certain, but it has some great aspects going for it.

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RPG » Phoenix Wright's Bio

Awesome! A great bio for a great character.

Only thing; characters from LA are played out.

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General Discussion » The Crazy 2012s Continue: Funimation Sues ADV & Sentai

As if this industry wasn't having a hard enough time... Funimation, you do great dubs, but I hope this lawsuit is both merited and worthwhile for your sake...

Especially since Sentai is one of the few remaining localization companies willing to take a few risks.

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General Discussion » What was your life in anime/manga for 2011?

Wow, your collection sure did grow!

This year was the year of the blu ray for myself.

  • Angel Beats
  • High School of the Dead
  • Eden of the East
  • Canaan
  • FLCL
  • Spice and Wolf (season 1)
  • Yu Yu Hakusho (complete 1-4)

The thing I love about Blu Ray is that anime boxsets and my favorite movies can sit side by side in perfect harmony.

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Just Anime » Generally Unpopular/Controversial Anime Series (Guilty Pleasures)

@EquitasInvictus said:

@WatanabeKazuma: I agree; especially on Eden of the East. Actually, I feel like this community is kind of an outlier in terms of the general reception of it here. I really liked Eden of the East, although I never really followed it up with the films as much as I meant to.

Same. Very much enjoyed Eden of the East, though I haven't seen either film yet (which seems to be the main draw of ire for the series as a whole).

My guilty pleasure is Zero no Tsukaima. After the first season it was reduced to little more than fanservice, but the finale to season 2 still holds a special place in my heart. Characters rarely get more awesome than taking on a whole army solo, knowing the outcome won't turn out particularly favorably.

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Just Anime » Recommendations

@PenguinDust: Outlaw Star, the old "classic". Man, I need to go back and watch that one again.

Regardless of the prerequisites, I always recommend Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad first. It's lacking in action, but the drama and humor are top notch. As far as i'm concerned, it's the best anime ever created.

Code Geass hasn't been for everyone, but it perfectly meets your three requests and has one of the most poignant finales in the industry.

(Opens up anime "closet")

Gurren Lagann and Outlaw Star were both previously mentioned, and I'd put my full support behind each.

Yu Yu Hakusho is pretty much what ALL of Bleach is based off of, and may be a bit better than its successor in 1/4th the number of episodes.

Trigun, FLCL, Great Teacher Onizuka, Black Lagoon, Eden of the East, Gundam Wing, Gundam Seed, Gundam 08th MS Team, Ghost in the Shell, Gankutsuou. You really can't go wrong with any of these.

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Figures » Everybody, I need your help finding this figure!

Frankly buddy, if I find this figure, I'm buying it. :P IWASAWA AND YUI RULE!!!

I have a modest collection of figures myself, all pre built and painted.

Lacus Clyne-Gundam Seed

Kallen Stadtfeld- Code Geass

Saber- Fate

Kallen is kind of hidden behind Grimmjow in this pic. The rest are Gashapon
Kallen is kind of hidden behind Grimmjow in this pic. The rest are Gashapon

I'd love to find some more (Saeko-HOTD, Celty-Durarara) but they're just so expensive. That Saeko one is 200 bucks. I just can't afford that right now.

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