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 It returns! After a few days of focusing on Angel Beats, I'll be doing an episode of each until they're both done. 

 Was I talking about fanservice during the last episode? Because I think I just hit the *****-******* jackpot. I saw the Hot Springs Planet Tenrei episode of Outlaw Star (not

"I couldn&squot;t find any clothes that fit, so I just wore an apron"
"I couldn't find any clothes that fit, so I just wore an apron"

 shown on American TV) and the NEGIMA?! OAVs, but this may have been the most shocking single episode of anime that I’ve ever seen. AND THIS VERSION WAS CENSORED! Why don’t the guys ever get to use the single bath in these situations? (Because guys are gross and don’t take or need showers!) Yeah, I guess you’re right.

The blatant sexy-time that dominates the episode is displayed against the backdrop of the growing horrors of the outside world, and it is nothing if not effective. Police are making life-or-death situations on living humans outside the quarantine zone. The dead hunt sapien flesh while ignoring a small puppy. Society breaks down as the weak follow manipulators who spread falsehoods, rumors, and outright lies for their own benefit. All while Shizuka-san is running around with only a towel. A unique dynamic if there ever was one.

Confusing though; did they edit out the part where all the girls got drunk? And is the whole “guys protecting helpless girls” aspect really necessary. At laest there’s one respectable character in Busujima.. WHY IS SHE WEARING NOTHING BUT AN APRON!?

Interesting to hear the Blackwater (Xe) name dropped. I’d love to see how a knowledgeable Japanese civilian would react to that particular reference, given most Americans’ feelings on the mercenary company. It seems like anime have dealt with the matter before (GITS maybe?) but of course, never by name.

Where Japan and Zombies first got serious
Where Japan and Zombies first got serious
Finally, my English copy of High School of the Dead shipped, perhaps 3 months after I first ordered it. Love how Rightstuf ignores shipping when you order 50 bucks or more of merchandise, but then they don't ship you anything until they can get a bunch of your items together. So but yeah, it came, and I'm... kind of surprised. My general rule of thumb is that the original version of a Japanese property is nearly always the best. So, the Bleach manga is far better than the anime, while likewise the anime version Gurren Lagann is superior. There are of course exceptions to any rule (Ghost in the Shell anyone?) And I have to say High School of the Dead is one of those exceptions. The line art is nice and story seems to follow the same general path, but already I'm seeing how key moments that were added into the animation bring more to the story and improve it as a whole. It all seems like a directors cut, where the crew has realized the original product was flawed and took steps to make it better. Of course, with a property like HOTD, with its vibrant colors, flashy action, and bouncing assets, maybe it was a foregone conclusion that the anime version would be superior. 
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 Are you hitting on me?
 Are you hitting on me?

Hrm, that Naoi is a real asshole isn’t he?

Finally, Finally, FINALLY, we get to see our “blank slate” DO something. He remains something of an enigma, but for the first time since the first episode, I’m interested in the character. Instead of being along for the ride, he was a focal point, and that is a very important change. One that could really lift my already high expectations for Angel Beats! Sure, it was the typical “YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO EXIST” BS, but maybe this is part of what they are building towards, and even though it was pretty typical drivel, it was still emotional. My biggest question now is whether or not we’ll have to wait until the last episode to find his past.

As usual, we get a little sob-story for the new character of the week, and while this one is as sad as the rest, I worry the effect will be lost the more they do it. The SSS has quite a few members; will we see the last moments of each of the resistors?

So is Tenshi no longer the bad girl? That’s a development I’m okay with, especially after getting to know her better in this episode. She wasn’t wholly unsympathetic in earlier episodes, but now she’s an ADORABLE killing machine. Any scene featuring Otonashi’s new relationship with her is a scene I’m looking forward to.  But as those two arrive at the forefront, Yuri seems to be pushed to the wayside. 

 I kind of forgot over the last few episodes, but the animation really is quite nice. It seems totally void of the static frames that plague anime these days; nearly every scene with a character is in vibrant motion.    
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Uproarious. The astronauts were effing uproarious. Perhaps the funniest single gag I’ve seen in anime.

Could I pardon you for a spot of personality? 
Could I pardon you for a spot of personality? 

I’m done complaining about our main character by the way. He seems to be developing a relationship with poor Tenshi, but she has more personality in this one episode than Otonashi has had all season. He seems to be showing something close to emotion, but he still isn’t doing a damn thing, and its really pissing me off.

I do look forward to knowing more about Tenshi. She has never really seemed all that bad, and as this episode displays so eloquently, she is very much all alone. Is she even an NPC?

And this new guy, he seems to have a different understanding of how to go about fighting our SSS brigade. What will happen to our heroes under this new council president? Lets hope its character development lessons. 

I apologize for how short the last two have been; distracted with finals this coming week. I promise the next bunch will be much longer and in-depth. 
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Given the emotion of the previous episode, the alternate opening for this
 Ichiro or Superman? You be the judge. 
 Ichiro or Superman? You be the judge. 

You remember everything I said for the previous episode, right? About how this show plays with my emotions like DeSean Jackson plays with touchdowns? That does effing double in this episode. The wonderful opening remix spins into a hilarious sight gag, the tragedy of episode 3 becomes the comedic relief of episode 4. The new character both gets on my nerves and melts my heart. In short, this show confuses me, and I love it.   

A bit of personal stake in this episode; I played baseball for 13 years before life got in the way, So the idea of blowing the big game is one that stirs the big emotions inside. I wouldn't blame him for wanting to disappear. Accepting deadly medication... in that sort of state, i find his choice to be totally believable.  

Given the emotion of the previous episode, the alternate opening for this  day is sort of bitter-sweet. The song is great and up-beat, but then you get that little clip of the guitar... and then the singer hangs herself in what can only described as the most smooth thing a performing artist has ever done on stage. Angel Beats! gets my humor, and involves self-inflicted pain :P
That main character though… He’s still boring like rice. By far the most boring character in this increasingly-lively show. Why is he still reduced the quality of a background character? Why can’t Hinata be our main character? Or Yuri? Should I expect anything to change?
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Sorry, minor spoilers ahead. Names have been left out, but you’ll likely know what I’m talking about within moments of the start of the episode.


Still love the sight gags; this show is an expert-level emotional manipulator, much like my number-one show ever: Mongolian Chop Squad. If I’m not smiling one moment,


 I’m crying the next. Okay, I’m not literally crying, but this show makes me very sad when I’m not laughing my ass off. And I love shows that can do that. In this episode, Angel Beats! Did it very well. It’s amazing; we get to hear how each of these characters died, but it isn’t until they are reincarnated that the real emotions come out. A bit ironic.

Ugh, I have a soft spot for characters that end up dying. Maes Hughes was my first, and to this day he’s my favorite character in anime. This death isn’t quite as potent, but I think she’ll make my favorite characters list, despite only getting a single episode of screen time. What can I say; I’m a sucker for a sob story. I also seem to have a thing for musically-inclined characters. K-On is probably going to chew me up and spit me out some day…

Is this what the rest of the series is going to be? Will someone fulfill themselves every episode now? Will we lose someone from now on? Like a train wreck, I don’t want to see something so horrible, but I can’t look away. 

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