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Batman is Anime, and Zelda's an RPG. These are a few of the most dumbest (sic) things.
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Ooh, new characters, which also don’t feature in the opening! More zombie bait! Interesting to see that the airport remains active in the face of zombies.

This show isn’t even bothering to mask its fan-service in an artistic or relevant coat anymore. The creators seem bored of creating excuses for boobs to bounce, for panties

Supposedly this show is geared toward the 17-24 male demo. I don't buy it.
Supposedly this show is geared toward the 17-24 male demo. I don't buy it.

 to flash, or for girls to talk dirty. Not that I mind, because I definitely do not : P

At the beginning, I thought Takagi (pink hair-chan) was supposed to be the brainy one who analyzed the zombies and situation, but now all she seems to do is trash our resident military otaku and be a brat.

Another of these weird inconsistencies; nearly an entire episode goes by without even a zombie sighting, much less bodies. Why are there pockets without the dead? And why is the water cannon powerful enough to blow the punks of the bridge but not hurt them tremendously? Well, I suppose that last one is just anime…

On the other hand, it was cute that the highway they were trapped on was number “666”. Love little touches like that.

I suppose this isn’t the last we’ve seen of creeper god teacher. It was sweet watching Hirano go all DEXTER on his ass. Hirano is part of a character archetype that I don't typically grow fond of, but his radical obsession with weaponry is, for whatever reason, opening a hole... in my HEART. 

  Then there was the totally ridiculous reunification of the zombie extermination squad, which gave me a new perspective on the show. Until this point I felt like it was supposed to be grounded in reality, but that clearly isn’t the case now. Whether that was a conscious change on the part of the creators, I suppose doesn’t really matter.  

So the group is together again, and they seemingly have a nice place to hunker down. Will they be safe there, repopulating the earth as they grow old in their own little fortress? Somehow, I doubt it.     
  Thats probably it for tonight, though maybe i'll watch an episode of this or Angel Beats before calling it a night. As always, I LOOOOVE comments, regardless of their positive or negative nature. So let me have it!
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