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I will rule over a new world!  
I will rule over a new world!  

 On average, I despise scenes in movies and tv where a news broadcast is used to get the viewer up to speed. Its ham-handed and lazy. This episode of High School executes it well. It could have been done differently still, but to see the body bags raise up as they became reanimated was a creative new look at the complications surrounding the undead. Its’ those sorts of insights that will draw me into any new zombie medium.

I don’t have a good feeling about these new survivors; none of them appear in the opening, they obviously aren’t very careful or smart, and, well, not all of them even last through the episode. Can I assume they’re the typical zombie fodder? Should I bother getting attached to any of them?

What is the deal with this teacher? There doesn’t seem to be any foreshadowing of the character, yet Rei has an obvious hatred of the guy. I don’t get it; how would she instinctively know in what way a (admittedly scummy-looking) guy like that is going to be such a problem that they shouldn’t bother saving him?

And after he’s saved, it is obvious that he isn’t to be trusted. I get a strong “Kira” sense, with a huge ego, manipulating nature, and a flair for the theatrical. I mean, he seriously pisses me off. He’s a big creeper, and I can’t see him letting everyone leave on their own accord. He needs “soldiers”. He surely will not just let the gang do what they want in meeting Rei and Takashi again, right?

The post-credits footage is some pretty sweet animation of our two main protagonists, and it plays out beautifully. Reminded me a bit of The Place Promised in our Early Days in its tone. 


The next episode should be up momentarily, as I’ve saved these up over a few days without much of an internet connection.

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