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A zombie story can't end without everyone dying. Thus, the series isn't over!
A zombie story can't end without everyone dying. Thus, the series isn't over!
And just like that, HOTD has reached its (hopefully temporary) zenith. With a huge cliffhanger at the end, I can't imagine that this is truly the end, though with things as they are in Japan right now, it may be a while before we get more zombie-killing action. 
There really isn't a lot to talk about here. The kids have set off alone yet again, with the hope of reuniting with more family members. An EMP was launched, though I don't really understand what the thinking behind it was. The zombies aren't using cell phones and pocket bombs, and if it was some sort of retaliatory attack, it wasn't well thought out.  We had some touching moments between Takagi and her parents, as they finally made clear how proud of her they are, and put her in the care of Hirano. Soichiro gives some man-to-man advice to Takashi, to stick to his guns and be decisive. 
I loved the touch in the final scene, as it zooms out to show the gang walking by a board filled with their own photos (an extension of the ending credits). But who was that guy that walked in front of it first, with the long-ish hair and glasses? And HOW CAN THOSE PICTURES BE UP THERE ON THAT BOARD?!?! PLOT HOLE LOLZ! But I digress. 

I'll post a series-wrap up blog in the coming days, along with a poll on what I should do next, if anything at all. But this is one that I'm glad I picked.
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