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Batman is Anime, and Zelda's an RPG. These are a few of the most dumbest (sic) things.
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Without GDM, looks like we'll have to settle for a bunch of raves.  
Without GDM, looks like we'll have to settle for a bunch of raves.  
So Yuri actually gets to be our main character for a while, and she actually seems to be competent to the task. Last episode I was going all black-guy-at-the-movies-stereotype and yelling "DON'T GO IN THERE ALONE!" Of course she does, and of course it backfires. I was disappointed to see that in the end, it wasn't a foreshadowed enemy, but just someone new and random. Knowing the crazy Otaku that anime get, I wonder if anyone has found the culprit NPC hidden in one of the previous episodes, perhaps with a heart tattooed on his neck or something. Or maybe we will meet him in the next episode. 
The few goodbyes we were granted in this episode were not as poignant as suggested by the closing moments of the previous episode. The girls of our favorite band, along with the leader of the guild, got in some parting words before simply vanishing into thin air, not really being "fulfilled" at all. I suppose all the worthwhile sayonaras will be exchanged in that final episode.  We got perhaps the best action scenes yet thanks especially to Kanade, who used her wings and out-of-place hand sonics to completely demolish all enemies standing in her way. 
I don't really have much more to say on this episode that really shouldn't be held on to until the finale, so thats that for now. I'll probably have episode 13 up later today, so i'll see yall again then.
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