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Pokémon » Pokémon: Beat the Game!

So, is this like an RP? And if it is, can we ONLY choose pokémon from the first gen (as you only have the first gen E4) or just any gen but we start with the 1st gen E4?

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RPG » Taking A Break/Leaving/New Thread

Well... Hello. I'm AestheticAmnesia, and a newbie to the RPG forums. I already have a character, I just want to find an RP to join now :)
Here's my character's bio. I hope I am welcome to join any RP. :)
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RPG » RPG Bio- Alex Saito

@Newdeath: Thanks :)
@Emerald_Flame_Fate: Quick? This took almost two hours! ... My fingers hurt TT-TT  I'm off for the night, I'll see if I can join a RP with Alex tomorrow.
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RPG » RPG Bio- Alex Saito

 Alex's 'Regular' Appearance
 Alex's 'Regular' Appearance
Name: Alex Saito
Gender: Male/Female (Al's not quite sure)
Age: 14 
Height: 5' 8" (Usually)
Weight: 120 lb. (Usually)
Nationality: Japanese/American
Birthplace: Ohio, United States of America
Known Languages: English, Japanese
Aliases: Al, Allie, Hanko, Orokana (By 'Great-Uncle' only.), That Weird Kid
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
                                                            Race: Human/Shape-shifter
                                                            Occupation: Otaku, Shape-shifter
                                                            Martial status: Single
                                                            Quote: "Later..."


Alex as a dog.
Alex as a dog.
Alex usually sticks to his regular form; shoulder length, green hair, green eyes, and a slim physique. He (since Alex is labeled as a Male in Japan) generally where's loose clothing while at home, since he has no idea when his Great-Uncle will spring a surprise training exercise on him.  He only recently learned to shape-shift into   non-human animals, and all he can shift into is a dog and a bird.  Alex can shift into any breed of dog; mostly small and annoying ones such as Chihuahuas, Miniature pincers, Shibas, and Hayatos. He once shifted into a King Shepard, but only once. His bird form has a body similar to a sparrow with dark green feathers and a light-green chest.


 His Great-Uncle would describe Alex as a lazy, distracted, stupid, unappreciative, unresponsive jack-ass. In that order. In those exact words. Alex would describe himself as just a lazy otaku who finds his powers interesting and useful. Contrary to what Alex's Great-Uncle says, he is usually upbeat and a little prankster... too people that don't know him well. People that know him well only get one word answers, because "they should know what I mean by that time." He stumbles over words often, not because of shyness or a speech impediment, he just finds it amusing. And that's what he searches for, amusement, by any means necessary. These means include flirting with men and women alike in various forms (just to make them flustered.), getting in touch with his 'doggie side' and chasing anything moving (especially Cynophobics), and sewing costumes for his next convention.


"Wait... wasn't he a boy just five seconds ago?" Were the words out of the doctor's mouth just an hour after Alex Saito was born. His anime loving parents, Jessica Lynch and Haruto Saito, were excited about their little arrival... if they knew what gender he was. He grew up in their close-knit community in Ohio constantly chased by the run-of-the-mill school bullies because of his 'girlishness' and changing gender ( Alex was fine with it... the same bullies that were chasing him years ago got bit by a pissed off Chihuahua before he left for Japan). His parents took him to at least three or four conventions per year, having Alex cosplay as what ever gender he was that day, which sparked a love for Japan, anime, and Cosplaying. By the time he hit puberty his powers settled and he was normally a male.  He starting experimenting with his new-found control of his shape-shifting and used it to mess with everyone that did him wrong as a he-she. Haruto and Jessica became concerned about their child's rampage and sent word to Haruto's uncle, the only living relative on his side of the family, in Japan. Great-Uncle came over to America right away to straighten out his wayward grand-nephew. 
(in a good mood)
 Great-Uncle (in a good mood)
When Great-Uncle entered Alex's little town, he immediately caught Alex in the act of flirting with a poor, shy girl as a girl. "Alex Saito, you are a disgrace to your clan and bloodline. We're going to Japan to set you straight." Great-Uncle informed Alex in his native Japanese. Alex only understood snippets  of what Great-Uncle said, but he understood he was in deep shit. When Great-Uncle dragged Alex back to his home (by the ear no less) Alex learned of his relation to Great-Uncle and that he was going to Japan to train with Great-Uncle. Of course Alex was over-joyed he was going to Japan, the hub of all things anime. When they got there, Alex found he was isolated. On a mountain. And the nearest town was forty minutes away on foot. 
A year after Alex started training with his Great-Uncle, he struck a deal with Great-Uncle: "If you let me go to anime conventions I will run ten laps for each one I go too. Plus, cosplaying will help me develop my Shape-shifting abilities~." After a while of deep thought, Great-Uncle grudgingly consented.  This lead to a general lift in Alex's mood. His first convention in Japan was... interesting... "More like a fuckin' Ringling Bros circus." Alex told Great-Uncle with his Mikuru Asahina cosplay torn here and there. The craziness of Japanese conventions didn't deter him though. If anything, it encourage him to get the full convention experience. In just a year of cosplaying, he had earned himself an almost 'revered' tier in the cosplay community, known only as Hanko ('Change' in Japanese.)


  • Shape-shifting (Appearance/Gender change; Dog Form; Bird Form)
  • Sewing (Good for Costumes and general mending of clothes)
  • Pranking (He considers it a skill...)
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Pokémon » Rate The Pokemon Above You

Deoxys- 10; Mewtwo - 10; The picture- 1000 <3
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RPG » RPG character information database

Name:  Alex Saito
Age: 14
Appearance Age:  Alex can look as old as 22 and as young as 5
Faction: Neutral
Group Affiliation: None
Known Aliases: Al, Henko, Orakana (Last one by Great-Uncle only)
Avatar Appearance: Fran (Alex's 'Regular' appearance, can look like virtually anyone.)
Origin of Power: Shape-shifting   
Signature Moves: Dog, Bird, Change Appearance.
Grid points:
  • Ag: 2 [Human]; 6 [Dog]; 3 [Bird]
  • Du: 1 [Human]; 3 [Dog]; 0 [Bird]
  • EP: 0 [Human]; 0 [Dog]; 0 [Bird]
  • FS: 2 [Human]; 4 [Dog]; 0 [Bird]
  • In:  3 [Human]; 3 [Dog]; 3 [Bird]
  • MS: 2 [Human]; 2 [Dog]; 1 [Bird]
  • Sp: 2 [Human]; 3 [Dog]; 2 [Bird]
  • St: 2 [Human]; 4 [Dog]; 0 [Bird]
  • Sr: 1 [Human]; 2 [Dog]; 0 [Bird]
Mini Bio: Skipping every other generation, Alex has been given the power of shape-shifting at birth. This power was nothing but a curse to Alex since as a baby his power was constantly switching Alex's gender and appearance. Alex grew in an anime-loving family and was constantly the victim of bullying before Alex's power settled.  Al is popular in the cosplay community, known only as Henko. Alex now lives with 'Great-Uncle Saito' to learn to control Al's shape-shifting.
Bio Link: Here~
(...I made a WTH character TT_TT...)
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Pokémon » Rate The Pokemon Above You

Yes, it's  Hydreigon from the 5th generation...
I'm going to change the picture...
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Pokémon » Rate The Pokemon Above You

9.8 (I love the eeveelutions, but I get it when people say they're 'Gimmick Pokemon')
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Off-Topic » Hi Im new and goodbye thread

er... H-hello. I'm Rachel, 15, resident of Surburbia in Noneyabusiness. I've been an anime fan for... about three years. I prefer anime like 'Pandora Hearts', '+Anima', 'Hetalia', 'Kyo Kara Maoh', and various other animes.   I am known by my friends to just watch silly anime (Like LuckyStar and Nyanpire) when I'm bored.  I'm also an avid gamer, RPG's mostly, and they have to have some sort of depth or I don't get much enjoyment out of it (Pokemon is a different story though...)
Hope I can fit in here. :)
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