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Well, after fighting against my urge to watch Winter animes, since I have so many others to watch, I ended up yielding to temptation. 
From the many shows that came with Winter, I picked up 7 and boy, was I surprised. I'll base my overall impressions on the 4 first episodes only, even though most of the shows already aired the 5th or 6th episode. If all goes well, after the eighth episode I'll write a new entry ;D 

Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka - 5/10

Be careful of what you think about this image...XP 
Of all 7 shows, this is definitely the worst and possibly the only one that won't show up in the next post. The story revolves around Aikawa Ayumu a boy who was murdered and resurrected as a zombie by a necromancer, Hellscythe Eucliwood. As he tries to find out who murdered him he meets other girls who end up living with him. 
It goes without saying, right? Harem comedy to the core. But that's not the only problem with Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka. This series suffers from an identity crisis. They try to be comedy, action, drama, everything at once and they fail miserably. While the first episode was funny, that was the only good point in the show so far. The other 3 episodes were dull and boring and I see no signs of improvement. KWZDK gets the award of unpleasant surprise of the season!;D 

Level E - 7/10

Level E is a funny story about a guy who just moved from Tokyo because he was called as a reinforcement for the local baseball team. As he gets to his apartment he finds out that someone is already there. A young man claiming to be an alien who lost his memories upon crashing his pod when landing. Level E is filled with hilarious moments and it was amusing enough to keep me going at it. I just hope it is not another comedy like Arakawa Under The Bridge where you were supposed to have some story development but all is forgotten in order to focus on the comedy. 

Beelzebub - 7/10

I don't care.

Beelzebub seems to be your typical shounen comedy. Even though, I was amused by it. I'm just hoping some more development or it'll start to get boring. We have this young man who turns out to be a bad to the bone delinquent and is given a baby by a strange man floating down the river. He finds out that the baby is actually the son of the Demon Lord and that he was chosen to use his body as a vessel for the baby and to raise him in order to destroy mankind. Up to the 4th the story didn't actually go anywhere but still I'm curious to find out what'll happen next. 

Gosick - 8/10

Victorique is pissed!XP

Gosick tells the story of a young boy, Kazuya Kujo, who starts studying in an Academy of prestige in a small European country and meets a strong tempered detective girl, Victorique de Blois. The couple has to unveil the truth behind what others claim to be supernatural occurrences to solve puzzles and get to the culprit. So far, Goscik has been quite pleasant. Although Kazuya can be a pain in the arse, the art is really pretty and the mysteries presented so far were rather interesting. I'm looking forward to the next episodes. 

Puella Magi Madoka Magica - 8/10

A rather refreshing piece in an overused genre. Even though all the elements are there, girls, romance, superpowers, transformations, Madoka came across as a rather unique mahou shoujo show. Mainly due to the presence of a darker atmosphere and a plot that doesn't follow the mahou shoujo script by heart. In the first 4 episodes the heroine still didn't decide if she wants to be a mahou shoujo or not. The art and the soundtrack are perfect. Kajiura Yuki once again delights us with wonderful tracks. The characters are also really interesting. At first, I thought this would be another overrated show, but it turns out that it's actually good. 

Yumekui Merry - 8/10


This was definitely a pleasant surprise. I started this show expecting nothing and was proven wrong in the first 4 episodes. This show actually has a lot to offer.  
Fujiwara, a young boy who can see others' aura colors and predict their dreams based on this although he often doesn't get it right. The only thing he knows for sure is that when it's black the person will have a nightmare, sleeping or daydreaming. Going back home, Fujiwara meets a strange girl who's looking for her hat. Suddenly, he finds himself in a daydream confronted by the same creatures he sees on his nightmares during his sleep: wicked cats. Their leader, John Doe wants to use him as a vessel to go from the dream world to the real world. However, his plans are frustrated by Merry Nightmare, the strange girl, who opposite to John Doe, wants to return to the dream world.  
Another show with a beautiful art and amazing soundtrack. Also, likable characters and an interesting plot add up to make it very promising. I'm really looking forward to the next episodes. 

Fractale - 9/10


The most surprising show was Fractale. The Ghibli-looking art, the heart-warming soundtrack, the promising story and the enjoyable characters are what make this show the best one so far in this season, in my opinion.
In a fictional future where humans live alone in trailers because they don't want to create bonds with anything nor anyone, digital creatures named doppels serve as replacement for families and friends. Clain is one of the few people that still values the old habits and customs. One day he saves an injured girl named Phryne, who after recovering, goes away and leaves him with a strange pendant. This pendant actually holds the data of a very unique doppel, a girl-shaped one, Nessa. Together with Nessa, Clain sets on a journey to look for Phryne and ends up finding more than he could have imagined about the world's current situation. 
That's all for now!;D I'll be back after episode 8 of all these shows =]
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